Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 9

Livin' On The Edge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 20, 2014

Malcolm wannabe.

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Hello, good people, and thanks for joining me again this week as we begin the second half of Survivor Worlds Apart. Two weeks ago we were riding high off of a great idol/alliance saving move by Jenn from the No Collar tribe. What a difference one episode makes, eh? As expected, all Jenn did was buy her alliance three more days. And, as it turns out, they didn't know what to do with those three days. Despite serious talks about a girls' alliance, this one (as they usually do) fizzled as Sierra and Carolyn stayed with their Blue Collar alliance and knocked out Jenn's bestie and model patriot, Hali.

I should probably mention Joe's three-challenge winning streak and how he's saved himself from elimination twice with challenge wins. I should also mention that Joe better keep on winning challenges because his days are numbered on this island, and I'm not sure he has the strategic chops to work a deal to save himself should he not win immunity. Lost in all the Joe stuff is the fact that Mike really NEEDS Joe to stick around. As long as he has Joe as this serious major threat, no one will notice that he's positioning himself to go on a deep run in this game. As soon as Joe leaves, it'll be time to play "it's anyone but Mike."


Tonight's previews are interesting. First off, we see previews of a challenge where people are taking some seriously hard falls on some sort of water obstacle course. Then we see shots and a scene from another "test of wills" challenge, which is suggested to be an immunity challenge. But as they're standing there, Jeff mentions how Joe has won three challenges in a row. So, I'm thinking they're trying to trick us in one way or another. Either the test of wills is the reward and the obstacle course is for immunity, or they took some audio from the reward challenge talking about Joe's three wins in a row. Or, I suppose the Reward challenge could be a team challenge, so it wouldn't count as an individual win or loss for Joe. Also in the previews, my personal favorite this season, Jenn, is not having fun anymore and she is ready to go home. Please, oh please don't quit on us Jenn. That's not who you are, I'm pretty sure of it.

We begin tonight's episode right after Tribal. And what do you know, Dan's berating Shirin. Again. Despite Twitter and Facebook posts suggesting that he's just getting a bad rap, it seems that every single week Dan's being an absolute ass to a woman. I mean, sure, it could just be a coincidence that the camera keeps catching him in King Douche mode, or he could just legitimately have issues with women who have opinions about things. Either way, Shirin tells us that she's not done playing and that she's going to do what she has do to try to get in the game.

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