Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 9

Livin' On The Edge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 20, 2014

Malcolm wannabe.

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But let's face it, all eyes are on Joe. He continues to wobble and after fighting it off the entire challenge, Joe finally loses his balance and becomes vulnerable for the first time since the merge. Jenn, Tyler and Mike are the only ones left at this point, so Joe still has a chance. Mike and Tyler are starting to twitch a little, while Jenn is very still. Mike loses his balance a little and he drops out of the challenge. It's Jenn and Tyler with immunity on the line. After 30 minutes have passed, Jenn and Tyler are still going strong.

Jenn's finally showing signs of struggling as is Tyler. Jenn finally starts to wobble too much to control and she drops out of the challenge. Tyler...wins...immunity! Dan is very excited about this. We can tell because he actually celebrated. As we head to break, Jenn says that it's ridiculous how hard she fought in that challenge so she could get a ticket home. She hasn't given up on doing something that could screw up everyone's game and keep Joe in it. I have no idea what that could be, but stranger things have happened, I guess.


We come back from break to finally play the game we've been waiting three episodes for - "It's anyone but Joe." Joe tells us how much he was rooting for Jenn and how at this point he's got no choice but to fight until the end. Joe talks to Jenn and Shirin and tells them that he has an idol and he plans to use it. Shirin tells us that she's a numbers person and she's been running the numbers and there is a little bit of wiggle room for her. She expects the seven-person Blue alliance to split the vote with four for Joe, three for Jenn. If she can arrange for herself and Joe to vote for Jenn, she can flip the game a little by keeping Joe in it and sending Jenn home. Jenn is actually excited about this. She seems to want two things: to go home and to cause as much of a ruckus as possible doing it. So if she can find a way to get out of the game, the chaos she'll cause is leaving Joe IN the game.

We join Mike as he discusses splitting the vote, as predicted. They decide just as Shirin suggested they would. Mike tells us that he worries about a vote split because all it takes is one person to change their vote and then the goat goes home instead of the threat. He tells us that he wants Shirin to vote for Joe, which would insure this doesn't happen. So Mike heads to Shirin with the plan. He tells her he HAS to trust her and she has to put her vote on Joe. He says that all it takes is Joe to catch wind of this plan and vote Jenn to throw the numbers into a tie. So, essentially, of all the things Shirin has been thinking, Mike was already there. If we weren't thinking it already, it is now incredibly obvious that Mike is a Player, with a capital P.

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