Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 9

Livin' On The Edge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 20, 2014

Malcolm wannabe.

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With his belly full of chicken, we get to see a different side of Rodney - master impressionist. He does a spot on impression of Mike and Tribal Council that has everyone rolling with laughter. If you walked into this in the middle, you'd think this was the team that won reward. Rod then goes into a pretty good Dan impression. Who knew the guy could be likable? Even Jenn is cracking up listening to this. This seems to go on for a long time. Everyone just chilling out and having some good old-fashioned fun at other people's expense. Joe tells us that in watching this, he can tell that Rodney is not 100% on the Mike train and he might just try to do something to exploit that. We head to break with more of Rodney's Mike impression.

We come back from break as tree mail is being read. The clue suggests something about keeping on your toes. Joe tells us that he has no one out there and the pressure is on him to go 4-0 in individual challenges. We see shots of Joe and Shirin doing some exercises that suggest they're trying to strengthen their toes a little bit. Jenn tells us that the more she asks to go home, the more likely they are to keep her, so she plans to do something to make them send her home. Joe joins her on the beach and she tells him if the challenge gets down to the 2 of them that Joe should let her win. She wants to have immunity so she can give it to Joe and Tribal. Her thought here is it would pretty much insure she'd get voted out, which is what she wants. And it would be something to throw off everyone else who thought they finally had a chance to get Joe out. Joe's pretty stoked about having two chances at immunity today and he probably should be. Jenn is no joke in these challenges. You do, however, have to wonder if she'd really hand over the necklace if she won it.


This leads to our second Probst sighting! Today's challenge is a pretty simple one. Each person will stand on a rack on their toes. On their head is a piece of wood. They have to hold the wood against a board with only their head. Once everyone gets set, they'll balance on their toes holding their block. Last person with their block still standing wins immunity. I'd love to know how long it takes them to set up challenges like this. Everyone is a different size and even the slightest miscalculation in how the challenge rig is made can result in a win or loss for someone.

The challenge begins and right off the bat, Joe is shaky. Uh oh. But he gets it under control. Whew! Shortly after he rights himself; Carolyn, Will and Shirin drop out of the challenge. As Joe continues to struggle, Rodney and Dan drop out of the challenge. Joe is stuck in a horrible position, barely holding on to the block. And as he struggles, Sierra drops out...and we're down to four.

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