Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 9

Livin' On The Edge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 20, 2014

Malcolm wannabe.

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What never gets mentioned here is if all Joe cares about is getting through one more vote, then why would he want to trade the idol for said vote? Just play the idol, send Jenn or one of the Blues home and get yourself one vote further. Obviously, from Joe's point of view, he has to make a deal because his idol is fake. But from anyone else's point of view, it makes NO sense for him to try to make a deal like this. Mike doesn't say anything about it, but he HAS to know this, right? Mike does tease us a little bit that if Joe gave him the idol he actually might switch his vote.

As they get to Tribal, we're fortunate enough for Joe to be sitting next to Mike, where he hands over his "idol" and says, "Good luck, buddy." Hali is brought in and it's the first sign of happiness Jenn has shown in a few days. You can tell she's ready to be over on that jury. Jeff starts with Jenn and the immunity challenge. He says he can't figure out whether or not she's enjoying her time out there. One minute she's having a miserable time and the next she's almost winning a test of wills immunity. She says that yes, it is possible to want to be there and not want to be there at the same time. She says she keeps going back and forth. There are things she really likes and things she really doesn't. She even points out that learning how funny Rodney is was something that affected her.


Jenn says she wanted to win immunity today for a lot of reasons, including that it would be really cool to have that necklace. So Jeff asks her what she would do with the necklace. For all the talk about not knowing the dynamic when he gets to Tribal, it strikes me as odd that he would ask this question right now. The obvious answer would be, "have immunity at Tribal." Yet, he asks it now as if he knows that's NOT the answer. Anyway, she says that she would give it to Joe, just to see the look on everyone else's face. Jeff doesn't get it. She tells him that everyone is voting for Joe and that as soon as he lost immunity, he'd be gone. Jenn loves the idea of messing with everyone by giving Joe immunity.

Jeff counters with, "Well, then, why don't you just do the greatest No Collar move of all and just get up and walk out?" She says, "That's quitting. I don't quit." He asks Joe how it felt to be that close to immunity. He says he was rooting for Jenn all the way. Of course he was. Joe takes this time to make his plea to everyone. He tells them all how much he loves this game and how he wants to be there. He tells them how long he's waited to get on this show and that Jenn has already quit: mentally, strategically and physically, and it really bums him out that she'll be carried along now because she'd be a better person to sit next to at the end, while he'll go home despite wanting to be in the game so bad. He says that he'd have to win nine immunity challenges (actually, only seven, big guy) but that he'd certainly make it a lot more fun.

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