Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 9

Livin' On The Edge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 20, 2014

Malcolm wannabe.

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Shirin finally makes it and Sierra takes off. Horse rider or whatever, Sierra is no joke in these challenges. She's got game. She makes great time and Blue is going for rings before Red has a chance to get one. Mike gets the first ring, and then Carolyn gets a ring for the other side. Sierra gets #2 for Blue and Jenn gets #2 for Red. Mike takes over on ring toss while Jenn is on tossing duty for Red. Before we know it, Mike has Blue winning 4-3. Joe takes over for Red, but it doesn't matter. Mike is money on this challenge and Blue wins reward! Tyler tackles Mike into the water and the girls jump up and down in the biggest celebration we've seen on this show.

Jeff asks them about it and Mike is just so excited to have chocolate coming his way. If it was possible, Jenn is even more deflated than she was before they got there. She says that only people who've been out there can know how bad this sucks. Meanwhile, Joe is shaking his head, which gets Jeff's attention. He says he just doesn't look at things that way. He says they knew what they signed up for and you can't get every little treat. He's just glad to be out there and he's enjoying himself.

While I like Joe a lot and appreciate him as a player, he's not playing a very smart game. This was a smart move on his part. Put it out there how much he wants to be there and do it in stark contrast to Jenn's "woe is me, I wanna go home" baby fit. He's putting it in everyone's head that he desperately wants to be in this game, while Jenn doesn't. He's appealing to the competitor and fan in all of the other people - those people who sat on their couches when NaOnka and Purple Kelly quit, saying things like, "I'd never quit that game if I got to be on the show. And I'd rather have a threat that wants to play in the game rather than someone who would just quit." Who knows? If Joe doesn't win immunity, maybe this line of talk will help give him one more shot.


We come back from break as the reward winners receive the fruits of their labor. There's more product placement and more gushing over how good everything is. Mike sounds like he's in a commercial right now. Everyone gorges on candy and Shirin tells us that she is the luckiest person in the game right now. She gets to go on this amazing reward and she hopefully has an "in" with Mike now. Considering that during the walk from Tribal last night she was dead woman walking, she actually IS in a better place today. It still might not get her anywhere, but at least she has hope now.

Back at camp, the reward losers are pissed - so pissed that they're gonna have some fried chicken tonight. Joe, still in "save my skin" mode, is gonna cook the chicken and rice and make everyone a nice dinner. Everyone but Jenn, that is. She has an even larger attachment to the chickens then she did when they killed the first one. Rodney is doing his best to not be pissed about missing out on all the rewards, but knowing he has some fried chicken coming is helping him with that. "This would suck less if the people sucked less," Jenn tells us. She goes on to say that even though the chickens have basically become her chickens, no one asked her if they could kill one for dinner. Um, Jenn, I like you a lot, but hungry people on Survivor don't really need to get permission to kill and eat a chicken. She goes on to say that she has nothing left out there "except for despair." Wow, dramatic much?

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