Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 9

Livin' On The Edge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 20, 2014

Malcolm wannabe.

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Around the fire, Shirin lets Mike know that when he makes it to the end, he definitely has her vote. And who is that chirping in the background? Dan. Letting her know that she WILL be on the jury. I don't understand why this dude feels like he needs to come back from Tribal and kick the other side while he's down, but it's become a pattern now. And with that, you have to think that it's just the type of guy he is. So kudos for that, I guess.

Rodney tells us that he thinks Dan is wrong about the "flippers never win" thing. He says that someone who flips at the right time definitely can win this game. And he plans to be that flipper. He has his sights set on Sierra, Mike and Dan. They think he's Blue Collar all the way, but he doesn’t care about any of them. He has boys at home...he's out there to add zeroes to his bank account. Um, well, I think we all know what he means.

While all this is going on, Jenn's in a tailspin. She says that the girls are *expletive deleted* and that she's kind of stoked to get voted out. Shirin tells us that she completely understands why Jenn is ready to be done, but she's still playing with Jenn, so she really needs her to stay in the game. Being on the serious short side of the numbers and with Jenn mentally checked out, Shirin is desperate to find some way into a new alliance if she wants to have any chance of staying in the game.


I know people have been down on Shirin for most of the season, but the play she makes here is potentially brilliant. Knowing she needs a new alliance but also knowing her place in the game right now, she makes the absolute best possible move by going to Mike and Sierra. She could have tried to reunite with the other White Collars, but they've already shunned her. She could try Will, but he's an island out there and will be the first cut of the power seven alliance. She skips over everyone and goes straight to the guy running the game, Mike. She tells Mike and Sierra that her back is against the wall and she'd like to work with them.

Mike, who always remembers the first rule of Survivor, tells her he'd like to play with her, but he would need to know he can trust her. (Oh yeah, here comes another "vote the way I tell you so I can trust you" deal, you just know it.) Mike tells us that pulling in Shirin absolutely could help him down the road when it's time to get rid of other threats in the game. He asks Shirin who she would want to vote out and once again, Shirin knocks it out of the park. The obvious answer is, of course, Dan...But that's Mike's boy. That ain't happening. Instead she says they should get rid of Mama C, Carolyn. She goes on to tell Mike that Carolyn had Will, Rodney and Tyler in her pocket (whoa, you mean she sniffed out Rodney's super-secret alliance?) and a group of four is a big enough group to change the course of the game.

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