Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 9

Livin' On The Edge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 20, 2014

Malcolm wannabe.

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Jeff asks Shirin what she thinks of this as a massive fan of the show. She says that Jenn doesn't want to be there, and she totally understands why. She says that she has been able to strategize with Jenn, and for that reason, it's better for her if Joe goes and Jenn stays. But, now that Jenn has basically checked out of the game, it makes her someone that people might look to keep around instead of Shirin.

Jeff gets ready to call for the vote, but Mike interrupts him. He wants Jeff to verify whether or not the necklace Joe gave him is actually a hidden idol. Jeff says that he cannot verify unless Mike wants to play it. Mike says that it's a determining factor on whether someone goes home or stays tonight. Jeff has nothing for him on that. And now, it IS time to vote. We see Tyler's vote for Jenn, "I have no idea what's going on." We see Rodney's vote for Joe, "I have no idea what's going to happen tonight." We see Joe's vote for Jenn saying that he hopes his idol play gets him through one more vote.


Jeff will tally and read the votes. But if anyone wants to play an idol... and Mike does play the idol. For Will? Um, okay. Anyway, Jeff confirms that a hidden immunity idol, so any votes for Will will count. First vote: Jenn. Second vote: Joe. Jenn. Joe. Dan. Jenn. Joe. Jenn. Joe. And we're tied 4-4. One vote left. Ninth person voted out and the second member of our jury: Joe. I could be wrong, but I don't think I remember seeing someone as visibly crushed to be voted out of the game. Not pissed. Not bitter, but crushed. Joe wanted to play this game so bad. He was just too damn likable and too much of a challenge threat. He absolutely had to go, but I sure didn't want to see it.

Next time on Survivor: let's see; whose turn is it to berate Shirin next week? Will? Okay, why not. Looks like Will's gonna blow up on Shirin next week. Maybe Dan will get a break from being the Tribe douche. And Mike looks like he could blow up the game as we see a scene of him suggesting that Rodney flipped, which of course gets Rodney going, bro. So, we have Shirin v. Will (which looks very one sided) and Mike v. Rodney II. Looks like this little side deal Mike and Shirin have going on might actually have some merit to it. No matter, I can't wait to see how this plays out. Let me know what you think, Merica. Hit me up on the Tweet box @vannestjc and give me your thoughts. Until next week, look out for Ben's Power Rankings and take care!

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