Wednesday, November 14
Movie Review: Wildlife
“Wildlife” is surprisingly humble, which, in hindsight, probably plays into the overall message Dano wanted to convey.

5 Ways to Prep
Before there was Comic Con, before cyber-bullies trolled the internet and before inflation ruined box office statistics, there was only one thing that mattered… movies.

Tuesday, November 13
October 2018 Box Office Recap
The year of 2018 has been pretty spectacular in terms of record-breaking months at the movie theater box office, among all the other achievements.

Survivor: David vs. Goliath
Previously on Survivor, we were at Walt Disney World visiting Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and couldn’t have cared less about what happened on Survivor.

Monday, November 12
Overpaid Jerks: 11/5/18-11/11/18
A brief NFL return, players' apologies, college basketball beginnings and an odd college football record. Here comes our weekly sports review for the 46th week of 2018.

Sunday, November 11
Weekend Wrap-Up
The holiday movie season began in earnest last week, but the Christmas themed film was a disappointment. Another one is in theaters this weekend, and comes with a notable pedigree, as the Dr. Seuss adaptation of The Grinch easily wins the weekend, and is primed for a solid run in theaters.

Saturday, November 10
Friday Box Office Analysis
November keeps hopping, as after a big musical biopic last weekend, we've got a reboot/remake of a beloved Dr. Seuss classic, along with a couple of genre flicks.

Friday, November 9
Weekend Forecast
Reboot culture strikes again for one of November's biggest weekends.

Thursday, November 8
This is So Last Week: 11/2/18-11/8/18
A man in trouble, a woman who wont' be there, a man on a magazine. These items figure into our pop culture recap quiz for the 45th week of 2018.

Wednesday, November 7
5 Ways to Comic Con
The biggest convention of my year has finally arrived as New York Comic Con proves, yet again, that God is beside me on this epic journey.

Movie Review: Mid90s
This is a very nostalgic affair and the movie doesn’t even try to hide it.

Tuesday, November 6
Movie Review: A Star Is Born
Bolstered by two powerful performances from its leads, A Star is Born, directed by Bradley Cooper, may not reach the heights it was clearly aiming for but it is still well done.

Survivor Recap
The orange tribe has a 3-2 former David numbers advantage...

Monday, November 5
Overpaid Jerks: 10/29/18-11/4/18
The CFP standings, NFL stars trading places, Gold Gloves and Tales from the Association. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 45th week of 2018.

Sunday, November 4
Weekend Wrap-Up
Well, the song said they would. Consider us rocked by Bohemian Rhapsody's opening weekend.

Saturday, November 3
November 2018 Forecast
Every one of the month's putative three biggest films is aimed at children, leaving other demographics with a less lucrative if not unimpressive slate.

Friday Box Office Analysis
Bohemian Rhapsody kicked off November with a bang as it earned a fantastic $18.4 million yesterday. The Freddie Mercury biopic has struck a chord with audiences.

Friday, November 2
Weekend Forecast
Although October offered its fair share of heavy hitters, November is the usual start of the run where we have heavy hitters every single week.

Thursday, November 1
This is So Last Week: 10/26/18-11/1/18
Celebrities and Halloween, retiring and un-retiring, a gangster, a witch and nudity. Here's our entertainment and celebrity quiz for the 44th week of 2018.



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Thursday, November 15, 2018
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