Sunday, October 18
Review: Into the Labyrinth
If thrillers are meant to hook and stir the audience through mood, tension, fear and uncertainty, then “Into the Labyrinth” is a legitimate thriller. Its subject matter and plot generate an unrelenting sense of darkness, sadness and consternation, while its imagery, rich and defined, creates an atmosphere that’s both dreadful and beauteous.

#1 Movie in America
“The Nun” is the second highest-grossing film in the “Conjuring” series, but it didn’t really earn that title on its merits.

Review: The Opening Act
You could make a documentary about modern stand-up comedy and it wouldn’t have half the truth of “The Opening Act.”

Review: The Trial of the Chicago 7
The proceedings depicted in “The Trial of the Chicago 7” did not end the debate over peaceful protest in the United States.

Wednesday, October 14
October Forecast
Nutty children's horror classic Hocus Pocus is poised to dominate the box office for the month of October...

Friday, October 9
#1 Movie in America
I have ominous news for “Halloween Kills,” the forthcoming sequel to 2018’s revival of “Halloween.” There is a curse.

Review: Possessor
Here’s a recurring critical dilemma: How to recommend a film that is undoubtedly very good but intentionally difficult to watch.

Review: The 40-Year-Old Version
In a blistering rap that serves as the climax of “The 40-Year-Old Version,” multiple phrases are invoked under the acronym “F.Y.O.V.”

Sunday, October 4
#1 Movie in America
“Staying Alive” is the sequel to “Saturday Night Fever.”
Sort of. Kinda.

Review: The Boys in the Band
On its face, the life cycle of the enormously significant play “The Boys in the Band” may seem a bit rote.

Review: Death of Me
Maggie Q keeps getting into serious vacation trouble.

Movie Review: Broken Mirrors
It’s a simple fact of life that parents and children, particularly adolescent children, don’t always see eye to eye.



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