Sunday, August 18
Hidden Gems
The coming of age movie is a favorite genre of mine.

Weekend Wrap-Up
After last weekend's mixed bag of new releases, we got another slate of five wide releases, which is some crazy kind of whiplash after weekeend after weekeend of just one major tentpole.

Saturday, August 17
Friday Box Office Analysis
We have a few new films this weekend, and one of them even did well! Talk about your unexpected news!

Thursday, August 15
This is So Last Week: 8/9/19-8/15/19
A race for mayor, a terminated movie, a powerhouse team-up and a social networking implosion. here's our pop culture recap quiz for the 33rd week of 2019.

Monday, August 12
Overpaid Jerks: 8/5/19-8/11/19
This Week: Simone Biles for President. Also: hijinx in Baltimore and a Field of Dreams. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 33rd week of 2019.

Sunday, August 11
Weekend Wrap-Up
With the superhero movies and franchises all out of the way, Hollywood throws a bunch of movies against the wall this weekend to see if anything sticks.

Saturday, August 10
Review: Once Upon a Time...
The brilliance of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…” stems from the way it reveals itself gradually, without an overwhelming sense of urgency.

The Number One Movie in America
Is Ant-Man the MCU’s least successful superhero?

Friday Box Office Analysis
It's yet another Saturday in North America, and since Disney didn't have a new release this weekend, there's just not much to talk about with regards to box office.

Thursday, August 8
This is So Last Week: 8/2/19-8/8/19
Hobbs & Shaw, Weiss & Benioff, Emmy hosting news and a comic strip comes to TV. Enjoy our entertainment and celebrity news quiz for the 32nd week of 2019.

Thursday, August 8
Weekend Forecast
After a couple of months of just one or two big releases a weekend, we're back to the more fall-like scattershot approach.

Monday, August 5
Overpaid Jerks: 7/29/19-8/4/19
Pro football returns, a coach hangs 'em up, Ohio teams brawl and a no-hitter is thrown. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 32nd week of 2019.

Sunday, August 4
Weekend Wrap-Up
The summer movie season goes out with a bang as the Fast and Furious franchise returns with a spinoff before the ninth (wait, really?) movie in the main franchise next year.

Saturday, August 3
This is So Last Week: 7/26/19-8/1/19
Cancelled concerts, The Boys, sharks and an amusement park. Enjoy our pop culture trivia quiz for the 31st week of 2019.

Saturday, August 3
August 2019 Forecast
So, with all that Disney stuff out of the way now, the summer of 2019 can really begin!

Friday Box Office Analysis
Imagine, if you will, that a demigod named Maui was forced to join forces with a rough-cut, small-time criminal type named Bacon.

Friday, August 2
Weekend Forecast
You don't want to exclude the possibility of surprises, but the last sure thing of the summer hits theaters this first weekend of August.



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Monday, August 19, 2019
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