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Tuesday, July 7
How Well Do You Know: Begin Again
Dan Mulligan (Mark Ruffalo) is down on his luck, both professionally and personally. He gets a shot at redemption in the form of Gretta James (Keira Knightley), a young woman going through a difficult time of her own. Their professional collaboration may be what they both need to find new happiness. How well do you know Begin Again?

Tuesday, July 7
Movie Review: Magic Mike XXL
2012’s Magic Mike was a fairly brilliant bait-and-switch...

Movie Review: Terminator Genisys
The characters in Terminator: Genisys take to time travel the way Jurassic World visitors take to dinosaurs.

Viking Night: Harold and Maude
Harold and Maude is the kind of movie that makes me glad that movies exist.

Monday Morning Quarterback
Kim Hollis: Terminator: Genisys earned $27 million from Friday-to-Sunday and has earned $42.4 million since debuting on Wednesday. What do you think about this performance?
Edwin Davies: This is pretty terrible, especially considering that it shot under the performances of both the previous installments in the series, neither of which ended up doing particularly well.

Monday, July 6
Overpaid Jerks: 6/29/15-7/5/15
A new president, World Cup champions, a firework mishap and All-Star resolution all figure into our sports recap quiz for the 28th week of 2015. We hope you were paying attention.

Monday, July 6
Movie Review: Ted 2
It takes some time to pinpoint where Ted 2 starts to go wrong...

The 400-Word Review
Few franchises have switched genres as suddenly as the “Magic Mike” franchise.

Review - Terminator: Genysis
The narrative alterations introduced to the longstanding Terminator saga aren’t so much a sign of creativity and cleverness as they are desperation.

Sunday, July 5
Weekend Wrap-Up
It’s the July 4th weekend, so everything should be rosy at the box office. Instead, with the 4th falling on a Saturday, the box office is robbed of the biggest moviegoing night of the week - and any fireworks.

Saturday, July 4
Friday Box Office Analysis
The number one film on Friday for the third weekend in a row (despite finishing second both of the previous weekends) is Inside Out...

Friday, July 3
This is So Last Week: 6/26/15-7/2/15
There was a heaping helping of happenings this week in world of Hollywood. We had several sequels announce subtitles, a blowhard exhibiting general blowhardedness, the end of a 10-year marriage and a 44-year acting role as well as TV Land pumping the brakes on one show's reruns. We hope you were paying attention this 27th week of 2015.

Friday, July 3
Weekend Forecast
What's often thought of as a prime summer box office weekend hits a quirk of the calendar this time around...

July Forecast
With June behind us and the summer's three biggest movies now firmly entrenched in the record books, July arrives to give us most of the season's rest.

Thursday, July 2
How Well Do You Know: The Pirates! Band of Misfits
In The Pirates: Band of Misftis, a misfit band of pirates, led by their intrepid Pirate Captain, have an adventure with scientists and a run-in with royalty. You may know the dangers lurking at the center of the map, but how well do you know The Pirates: Band of Misfits?

Thursday, July 2
Book vs. Movie
In the immediate aftermath of the 75th Hunger Games and the total destruction of her district, Katniss finds herself in District 13...

This Weekend, Watch This
For the weekend of July 3rd, the new movies in wide release are Magic Mike XXL and Terminator: Genisys.

Wednesday, July 1
Comics Weekly
It's new comic book day!

The 400-Word Review: Ted 2
What scant charm there was in the premise of Seth MacFarlane’s Ted surely was exhausted by the end of that film.

Trader's Retreat
We're back this week with another box break and review - this time it's Topps' throwback set - 2015 Topps Archives Baseball!!



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Tuesday, July 7, 2015
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