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Thursday, March 5
This is So Last Week: 2/27/15-3/1/15
Two dresses, a plane crash, an unlikely president and cold, cold water all figured into pop culture news during the 10th week of 2015. We hope you were paying attention.

Thursday, March 5
How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E03: Red Light on the Wedding Night
With the wedding fast approaching, Lorelai celebrates at her bachelorette party with her friends and family, but she finds herself thinking of someone other than her husband-to-be. Max struggles with what his place within Lorelai and Rory's family will be once they are married. Meanwhile, Taylor pushes for an "improvement" to Stars Hollow, which naturally infuriates Luke. How well do you know Gilmore Girls, S02E03: Red Light on the Wedding Night?

Thursday, March 5
Amazing Race Power Rankings
Early editions of power rankings for The Amazing Race feature notorious guesswork.

The ink is barely dry on Birdman’s four Oscars statuettes, which means it’s time to look forward to the 2016 Academy Awards.

Survivor Recap
We begin at Blue Collar the day after Tribal. And right off the bat, Dan has lost his underwear.

March Forecast
March 2014 was a rarity as far as Marches go, in that none of its films outgrossed the biggest earners of both February (The LEGO Movie) or April (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), though native son Divergent at least eked out a mild win over January's Ride Along.

Wednesday, March 4
How Well Do You Know: Marvel's Agent Carter, S01E06: A Sin to Err
The penny drops on Carter and she's on the run from the SSR. She's also on the run from Dottie the Friendly Assassin. A Leviathan agent has infiltrated the SSR offices. Things aren't looking good for Peggy or the forces for good. How well do you know "A Sin to Err"?

Wednesday, March 4
How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E02: Hammers and Veils
Bride-to-be Lorelai is busy planning the big day - and reeling from the fact that the announcement of her big news didn't get the reaction from Emily that she had hoped for. Meanwhile, Rory helps build a house and has boyfriend troubles when Harvard takes precedence over Dean, and Lane prepares to leave for Korea. How well do you know Gilmore Girls, S02E02: Hammers and Veils?

Wednesday, March 4
Comics Weekly
Tired of snow? Buy comics. It might get warm.

Movie Review: Focus
Focus is a con artist movie that’s slick and attractive on the outside but ultimately standard in the plot and substance departments.

Tuesday, March 3
How Well Do You Know: Gilmore Girls, S02E01: Sadie, Sadie
The Season 2 premiere of Gilmore Girls has Lorelai thinking about how to answer Max's proposal - and how to tell Luke the news, Rory dealing with the aftermath of a special Friday night dinner that doesn't go as planned, and Emily and Richard discovering that they know very little about and have no control over their daughter's and granddaughter's lives. How well do you know Gilmore Girls, S02E01: Sadie, Sadie?

Tuesday, March 3
Review: The Lazarus Effect
A fine cast is wasted on an unimaginative project in The Lazarus Effect, as yet another crew of dreamers totally aren’t playing god in their efforts to awaken the dead.

Survivor Power Rankings
In a strong first episode, Survivor made it clear that they have cast the requisite strategists, saps and delusionals that are key to a good season.

Monday Morning Quarterback
Focus and The Lazarus Effect debuted over the weekend, and the potential audience gave a collective shrug.

Monday, March 2
Overpaid Jerks: 2/22/15-3/1/15
NCAA teams jockeying for position, baseball comings and goings, a strange Twitter rant and a staggeringly quick victory. Here is our sports recap quiz for the 9th week of 2015.

Monday, March 2
Amazing Race Recap
Previously on The Amazing Race, someone named Hayley hoarded all of the screen time...

The 400-Word-Review: Focus
Focus is a movie nearly undone by its own marketing.

Over There
While Fifty Shades of Gray might have been something of a one-night stand in America, international audiences seem more than happy to have it hang around.

Sunday, March 1
Weekend Wrap-Up
It should have been an easy win this weekend as we have a Will Smith movie in Focus and a PG-13 horror flick in The Lazarus Effect.



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