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Thursday, September 29
How Well Do You Know: Gran Torino
This is, up to date Clint Eastwood's penultimate acting role, as a curmudgeonly old widower/retired war veteran who finds a bond with the Hmong community in Detroit.

Before we begin this quiz, I like to address a warning. This quiz contains some racial slurs - reflecting some of the language in the film - particularly ones toward Asian people. If you get offended by such language, I do apologize. With that out of the way, let's dig into How Well Do You Know: Gran Torino.

Wednesday, September 28
How Well Do You Know: The Grand Budapest Hotel (Harder Version)
Did you do alright with the Easier Version? Good for you. Let's see if you can ace the even harder quiz. For this one, you need to have seen the interviews, the behind the scenes footage and information, the accolades, and props and vehicles used in the film. Let's put your knowledge of The Grand Budapest Hotel to the test once again. Let's see if you truely, and absolutely know this film.

Wednesday, September 28
Viking Night
It’s not often that a film makes you feel like a kid again - without a shred of guilt.
Pee-wee’s Big Adventure is one of those films, and if you haven’t seen it before, you should. If you haven’t seen it in years, you definitely should. If you’ve seen it and didn’t like it, or were not affected by it in any way, then I’m sorry Mr. Putin. There’s nothing I can do for you.

Tuesday, September 27
How Well Do You Know: Anchors Aweigh
Two Navy soldiers go to Hollywood on the quest for love. There, they meet a boy with a wish to enlist, an aunt who wants to become a singer, and a Mexican musician. This musical has been well-known for a certain cartoon/live action sequence. But, let's see if you have truly seen Anchors Aweigh.

Tuesday, September 27
Review: The Magnificent Seven
The age of the Hollywood western never really ended.

Survivor Recap
Hello, good people. After months (that seemed longer) of waiting, the best reality television show ever is back.

Monday, September 26
Overpaid Jerks: 9/19/16-9/26/16
More college football hijinx, two mournful losses, divisional champions and a losing streak comes to an end. Here's your sports recap for the 39th week of 2016, presented in a pleasing quiz format.

Monday, September 26
Movie Review: Snowden
Oliver Stone's Snowden begins by telling us it's a dramatization of events that took place in 2013...

The 400-Word Review: Storks
A fictional world must know its own reality, no matter how frivolous that world is.

Sunday, September 25
Weekend Wrap-Up
This weekend featured a blockbuster with Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt and our first big kids pic since Kubo and the Two Strings opened more than a month ago.

Saturday, September 24
Friday Box Office Analysis
The remake of the classic Western takes in a not-quite-magnificent but still pretty good $12.6 million on Friday.

Thursday, September 22
This is So Last Week: 9/16/16-9/22/16
Big Emmy wins, a big Hollywood divorce, a rapper in big trouble and candy hits the big time. Here's our pop culture recap quiz for the 38th week of 2016.

Thursday, September 22
Today, then, let’s take a look at some of the best school-themed movies around.

Weekend Forecast
This weekend is led by The Magnificent Seven, the third take at this material going back to the Steve McQueen/Yul Brenner version, and Akira Kurosawa's original The Seven Samurai...

Wednesday, September 21
How Well Do You Know: The Grand Budapest Hotel (Easier Version)
Wes Anderson takes his Blickfang whimsy to the extreme with The Grand Budapest Hotel. A hotel concierge and a lobby boy retrieve a painting willed by a old widow, while her brutal and powerful family vows to steal it for themselves. The film has been considered one of his biggest achievements, containing layered timepieces, a star-struck cast, colorful sets and costumes, and winning several accolades. It won the Golden Globe for Best Comedy/Musical Film and nominated for nine Oscars, including Best Picture. Hard Version coming soon!

Wednesday, September 21
Hidden Gems: Adventureland
Movies like Adventureland are rare. They see their characters lovingly without idealizing them.

Oscar Watch
The first prediction of the Oscar year was an easy one - and several future ones this season will be so as well.

Tuesday, September 20
How Well Do You Know: Veep, Season 5 Recap
Good news, everyone! Selena Meyer has reached the presidency! Bad news, everyone! Well, you can probably guess what that is. Veep's fifth season sees the show's hero reach the Oval Office. Disasters ensue. You may know not to vote for Jon H. Ryan, but how well do you know Veep, Season 5?

Tuesday, September 20
Movie Review: Sully
Clint Eastwood's Sully begins by telling us about an extraordinary event that's already happened...

Survivor Preview
This year's theme, in my most humble opinion, is not the best.

Monday, September 19
Overpaid Jerks: 9/12/16-6/18/16
New stadiums, big blowouts, new media and division champs. Call the neighbors and wake the kids, here's our sports recap quiz for the 38th week of 2016.

Sunday, September 18
Weekend Wrap-up
Two previously thought moribund franchises returned to theater this weekend, along with Oliver Stone in his first film in four years, and, um, nobody really noticed.

Saturday, September 17
Friday Box Office Analysis
It would seem that people are no longer interested in the Blair Witch or Bridget Jones franchises.

Friday, September 16
This is So Last Week: 9/9/16-9/15/16
The highest paid actress, an animation retrospective Emmy, a death in the family and a dancer turns bad guy. Put on your pop culture thinkin' caps, here's our entertainment quiz for the 37th week of 2016.

Friday, September 16
As expected, La La Land benefited the most from TIFF, particularly given that a favorite son, Ryan Gosling, was the headliner.

Thursday, September 15
How Well Do You Know: The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
In this quiz, we'll be covering four theatrically released Winnie the Pooh shorts from 1966 to 1983. They are "The Honey Tree," "A Blustery Day," "And Tigger Too," and "A Day for Eeyore." Now, Pooh had some very unusual adventures, but how well have you known them? Here is The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh plus A Day for Eeyore Quiz.

Thursday, September 15
Weekend Forecast
It's an extreme throwback weekend as two franchises, each over a decade away from their last appearance in theaters, return to multiplexes.

Wednesday, September 14
Viking Night
One of the best things about being a science fiction devotee is that the genre fan base covers a wide swath of generational real estate.

Tuesday, September 13
How Well Do You Know: Rent
Christmas Bells are ringing! Christmas Bells are ringing! It has been 20 years since the musical Rent went on Broadway and at least 10 years since the film version came out. Both versions are somewhat similar in story structure, but one has all the text sung, the other has some of the text spoken. How're you gonna pay, How're you gonna pay, How're you gonna pay this year's RENT.

Monday, September 12
Overpaid Jerks: 9/5/16-9/11/16
A terrific college football venue, Open champions, week 1 in the NFL and a league commissioner who hits people. Here's our sports recap quiz for the 37 week of 2016.

Monday, September 12
The 400-Word Review: Sully
On the surface, Sully is not a very good movie.

Marquee History
A relatively insubstantial week for mid-September movie anniversaries also includes the significant anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and their effects on Hollywood.

Sunday, September 11
Weekend Wrap-Up
Tom Hanks is back, as Sully enjoys his biggest live action opening since Angels and Demons in 2009.

Saturday, September 10
Friday Box Office Analysis
September can be a sleepy month, but festivals are in full swing with Telluride having finished last weekend and Toronto taking place right now.

Thursday, September 8
This is So Last Week: 9/2/16-9/8/16
Fan theory! Highway robbery! Death hoax! Rockstar astronomy! It was a very headline grabbing week - let's see how well you paid attention to pop culture during the 36th week of 2016.

Thursday, September 8
Classic Movie Review
Musicals generally aren't my kind of thing and I tend to avoid them. There are only a handful that I really like and fewer still that I love and would consider among my favorite films.

Weekend Forecast
Leaving Labor Day behind, we waste little time in reaching our first awards contender of the fall season...

Wednesday, September 7
How Well Do You Know: Ben-Hur
With the 2016 remake in cinemas, I thought it would be necessary to write a quiz based on the classic 1959 version of Lew Wallace's novel. Charlton Heston plays Judah Ben-Hur, a follower of Jesus Christ who is consumed with family, Roman power, and religious support. Mix together an epic chariot race, a diverse cast, a battle between two best friends, and inspiring biblical scriptures and you get Ben-Hur.

Wednesday, September 7
Viking Night
When I learned of the passing of Gene Wilder, like many who admired his work, I started to think about his films, and what they meant to me.

Toronto Film Festival Preview
We are pulled now towards the Great White North as the Toronto International Film Festival (“TIFF”) prepares to get under way.

Tuesday, September 6
How Well Do You Know: Indecent Proposal
So let's pretend that Robert Redford offers you a million dollars to sleep with your spouse. Would you do it? That is the dilemma David and Diana face in the film Indecent Proposal - a story about what couples are willing to do to each other, and whether they really forget and forgive. You may know your chances are better with a double-sided coin, but how well do you know Indecent Proposal?

Tuesday, September 6
The Light Between Oceans
Jeez, this movie.
This nonstop, relentless depression parade of a film.

Telluride Final Thoughts
The Telluride Film Festival wrapped up its 43rd edition with some clear winners, debunking the now-yearly complaints about the death of film, and kicking off the 2016 Oscar race.

Monday, September 5
Marquee History
August's movie anniversaries include plenty of dogs in the dog days of summer, but we have the record-breaking Rush Hour 2 and some fun memories from 1986 in this edition.

Movie Review: Don't Breathe
Don't Breathe promises to be sick, twisted, and depraved, and on that level, it certainly lives up to its end of the bargain.

The 400-Word Review: Morgan
Eventually, someone will be able to program a film festival with the title, “Movies From the 2010s About Artificial Intelligence Getting Really Sophisticated.”

Sunday, September 4
Overpaid Jerks: 8/29/16-9/4/16
Outstanding college football, quarterback shuffling, an eliminated baseball team and a missing decal. Win friends and impress potential suitors with your performance on our sports recap quiz for the 35th week of 2016.

Sunday, September 4
Weekend Wrap-Up
It must be Labor Day weekend – a Screen Gems horror flick repeats at number one.

Telluride: Day Two
Twenty-four hours, several screenings, and little sleep later, the Telluride Film Festival heads into the home stretch with some early favorite and potential Oscar contenders...

Saturday, September 3
Friday Box Office Analysis
The horror entry that broke out big time last weekend takes the lazy Labor Day weekend fairly easily as well with $4.1 million yesterday.

Telluride: Day One
Twenty-four hours into the 43rd Telluride Film Festival, some crowd and awards favorites are emerging, along with some more interesting fare.

Friday, September 2
Weekend Forecast
It's your typical sleepy Labor Day Weekend, and one of the true anti-box office weekends sees just two minor niche films in wide release.

Thursday, September 1
This is So Last Week: 8/26/16-9/1/16
Recent pop culture news: we're talking awards, RIPs, hospital visits and a standoff. Here's your entertainment/celebrity quiz for the 35th week of 2016.

Thursday, September 1
September 2016 Forecast
This September is a little harder to predict than most of the rest of the year, with the release of roughly a half-dozen films with great credentials...

Oscar Watch: Telluride
When we last checked in on the 2016 Oscar race, we concluded that there was not much there there.



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