Sunday, September 20
Friday Box Office Analysis?
There's not much to say about Friday box office. It's effectively non-existent, which I suppose goes to figure since the only new significant release of note in recent weeks has been Tenet. Every other studio has run away from theatrical exhibition, which seems the correct decision given what we've seen.

#1 Movie in America
Simon Wells was a veteran of animated film by the time “The Time Machine” entered pre-production.

Movie Review: Rent-a-Pal
“Rent-A-Pal” tells the familiar story of a sad, lonely, lovelorn man in his 40s who just can’t catch a break when it comes to romance.

Review: The Devil All the Time
“The Devil All the Time” is an okay film. It is, however, an excellent film for Netflix.

Saturday, September 12
#1 Movie in America: 10
Looking back at forty-plus-year-old movies always involves some degree of distance...

Review: River City Drumbeat
“River City Drumbeat” arrives at a time when it seems more appropriate than ever to state practical, positive messages.

Review: The Social Dilemma
It’s tricky, at this point, to interrogate the prominence of social media in our lives.

Movie Review: Unpregnant
How do you give weight to yet another road-trip comedy? One easy way: By making it a road-trip comedy about an abortion.

Friday Box Office Analysis?
What happens when only three studios (technically two) report box office on Saturday for Friday theatrical showings?

Tuesday, September 8
Weekend Wrap-Up
A high profile new release tries its luck among the theaters that have opened across the country, but this one has some much higher stakes.

Saturday, September 5
September 2020 Forecast
So, a Marvel superhero movie has yet again become the highest-grossing film of the summer.

Friday, September 4
#1 Movie: The Deep
Around the time that “Jaws” was becoming the biggest movie in the history of ... movies, Peter Benchley was working on another novel.

I'm Thinking of Ending Things
I’m pretty sure “I’m Thinking of Ending Things” is Charlie Kaufman’s weirdest movie.

Movie Review: Mulan
What is there to say about yet another live-action interpretation of an animated Disney flick?

Review: Tenet
In “Tenet,” Christopher Nolan has crafted another detailed, circuitous narrative.



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Friday, September 25, 2020
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