Saturday, January 9
Review: Fatale
Remarkable only in how unremarkable it is, the flat thriller “Fatale” is not technically deficient in any meaningful way.
That, I believe, is the highest compliment I have for it.

Movie Review: Soul
“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Review: Pieces of a Woman
It’s very rare that a single performance carries a film quite this much.
A brave, remarkable statement of a turn by Vanessa Kirby is absolutely everything there is to “Pieces of a Woman,” and I mean that twice over.

Saturday, January 2
Review: Soul
As if prior films had left any doubt, Pixar is not limited by the bounds of family-friendly animation.

Review: News of the World
Whenever a modern filmmaker attempts to make a throwback western, they inevitably lean into the back-breaking hopelessness of life in the 1800s.



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