Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 9

Livin' On The Edge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 20, 2014

Malcolm wannabe.

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Mike tells us that he agrees with her. There are only 10 people out there, it's not too hard to see who's with who if you're watching. So he gives her the "we're gonna give you a name to write down as a test" speech. Before we head to break, Shirin tells us that she's at a point where she has to hitch her wagon to someone else right now. But once she proves herself and gets "in," then she has the opportunity to start trying to call the shots and do some damage in this game. As the biggest fan on the island, I'm glad to see Shirin finally playing like she knows something about the game. Everything she did right there was spot on. Will it work for her? Probably not. But she's on the sinking end of a Pagonging with a co-captain who has taken herself out of the game. She's out of options at this point, and of the potential things she could have done, she picked the one with the best chance of working.

We come back from break to a Probst Sighting! Today's reward challenge will see the tribe divided into two teams of five. One at a time, each person will need to race through a set of obstacles. They have to dive into the water, climb up a ladder, slide down a big slide, go over a water top net bridge-y thing, walk a balance beam (with soaking wet feet, I might add) then pull themselves up onto the platform. Once they've all completed the course, they'll use a grappling hook to grab rings out of the water. First team to get all five rings wins reward.

Wanna know what they're playing for? They're playing for a chocolate bar, apparently sponsored by *they ain't paying ME deleted*. It's been a while since there was a product placement THIS blatantly obnoxious. And if that's what it takes to pay the bills and keep the show on, I'm good with that. But it doesn't mean I have to play ball. Anyway, winning tribe will go to a chocolate bar with all kinds of candy, snacks and drinks. The tribes are split by a schoolyard pick 'em, but we don't see that. What we see is that it's Mike, Dan, Sierra, Shirin and Tyler against Joe, Jenn, Rodney, Will and Carolyn.


So, we start off with Mike against Rodney. ( this foreshadowing?) Mike gets a slight lead on Rod, but not much. Rod takes a fall on the balance beam, which allows Mike to make it first. Next up is Will and Dan and it is tubby guys on parade for this one. Dan takes a huge fall down the slide and Will slides down as if he's a dead body. Will takes a big fall on the balance beam and Dan keeps the slight lead for his team.

Carolyn and Tyler are next out and Tyler extends the lead nicely, until he falls off the balance beam which gives Carolyn time to get closer. But Carolyn falls off twice, allowing Tyler to get a pretty big lead for Blue. And that pits Shirin against Jenn and frankly, that's not fair. Shirin has trouble on the balance beam and Jenn makes it look like she lives on this course. She passes Shirin and gets to the platform, sending Joe into the water. By the time Shirin finally gets across the balance beam, Joe has lapped her and gotten out of the water, allowing Red to start getting rings.

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