Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 9

Livin' On The Edge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 20, 2014

Malcolm wannabe.

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Shirin really likes her place right now. She wants to send Jenn home and honor her wish to leave the game. But she's trying to figure out if that's the best move for her. Either way, she tells us that she could really rock the vote tonight, if she decides to keep Joe.

So Joe tells us that he does not have an idol, which we already knew. But he does have a plan. He just needs to get some time alone. So, he asks Dan if he wants to go talk, and the two of them leave camp. Mike and Rodney have been determined to never let him be alone, so both of them look a little concerned when he gets up. But since he's with Dan, they stay where they are. So when they get away from camp, Joe makes his plea to Dan. Dan, being a huge fan of the show, is probably the best choice for Joe's pleading his case. His appeal is that he really wants to be there. Jenn doesn't, so he should stay. Dan tells him that there is no way he'll be able to sway all those people to switch their vote.


And with the conversation over, Dan heads back to camp while Joe goes to use the bathroom. As soon as Dan is out of sight, Joe takes off. He goes to a little covered area where he has a stash hidden - pieces of one of the crates and things from his torch. Joe makes jewelry for a living, so he sets his mind to creating an immunity necklace. As Joe gets to work, Dan gets back to camp, sans Joe. Mike is freaked out. So he and Dan take off to see if they can find Joe. Mike says he doesn't want him to find an idol. Um, Mike, don't YOU have the idol that Joe would be looking for? I'm a little confused here as to all of the things Mike is doing as if Joe has or could find an idol that HE'S ALREADY FOUND. I mean, you know Joe doesn't have the idol, so why split votes at all? Why do you care where he is? Unless it's just THAT important to him to keep his idol a secret, I don't get why we have all the spy vs. spy stuff for an idol that is no longer hidden.

Joe finishes his idol right before Mike comes up on him, and Joe makes his pitch. He says he knows they're going to split the vote. Joe tells him that he will vote Jenn tonight but if Mike can guarantee him that the votes will go in his favor, he'll give Mike his hidden idol. Mike tells him he has to have it before Tribal. Joe says that he'll give him the idol tomorrow, after Tribal. And we seem to be at an impasse. Mike tells us that he has the idol that goes with the clue that Joe found, but that Joe could very well have another idol.

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