Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 10

Bring the Popcorn

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 23, 2015

Both she and the chicken are no longer on the island.

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Hello, good people. Have you gotten over it yet? Did you get enough time to mourn? Alas, it's sad to come back to the recap and not have Amazing Joe to talk about or root for anymore. Hopefully, in the last week, we've all come to grips with Joe's ouster and probably even realized that, lovable as he is, he's not a very good Survivor player. Also happening last week, Jenn wanted to quit, talked about quitting, dreamt about quitting and even tried to win immunity to orchestrate her own quit. And yet, when Jeff offered her the opportunity to quit, she refused. So did Shirin. She needs someone to work with and looks like Jenn is that person whether she wants to be or not.

Also, Shirin and Mike entered into a tentative alliance to counteract the threat of the Rodney alliance with Will, Tyler and Carolyn. Shirin has shown herself worthy by voting how Mike asked her to. Now let's see if anything comes from that conversation or if it was (like communism) just a red herring. And finally, it is Survivor auction night, with a brand new twist built into the "advantage" that Jeff will be offering. Can't wait to see how THAT plays out!


We begin tonight's episode the morning after Tribal. I guess there was no drama or mourning of Joe on the island. I'm just glad that they didn't subject us to more whining about quitting from Jenn. Anyway, so we begin with Rodney talking to his foursome about how they need to get rid of Mike right now. Mike's the big threat; they need to get him next. Tyler tells us that it could be a good idea, but they need to think about it. As they're talking, Mike is around the bend and hears the entire conversation. He tells us that they're coming for him and he needs to get to work starting right now. And just like that, it's a...

Probst sighting! And it's Auction time already. Same rules as always: bidding in increments of $20, no sharing money or winnings, auction can end ANYtime. First item will remain covered. Jenn bids $20 and Shirin goes to $40 almost immediately. Will jumps in at $60; Jenn ups him to $80. Obviously, they've seen this show before...the first item up for bids is never a zonk. Might not be the best item, but it's always good. Anyway, Will goes to $100 and that's enough to drop everyone else out of the running. First item sold to Will!

And it's not's a scroll. Whoa! NO way! So Will opens it up and reads it on the bleachers. "You just bought yourself out of this auction. Pick up your personal items and head back to camp." Um..WOW!! Never seen anything like that. And just like that, Will leaves and we're back. Shirin bids $300 for fried chicken and waffles. She says that she had no plans to wait for an advantage; she wanted to get some good food. Sierra agrees that there will be people who will only bid on an advantage. Jeff comes out and asks who is waiting for an advantage. Dan, Carolyn and Mike raise their hands. Mike tells us that he came into the game knowing he would hold out for an advantage in the auction.

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