Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 10

Bring the Popcorn

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 23, 2015

Both she and the chicken are no longer on the island.

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Mike, Jenn and Shirin decide to vote for Carolyn. Jenn is determined to see that none of those people win. Mike tells them that he's pretty sure that Sierra is no longer with him, but he thinks he can get Dan back. Jenn tells us that she's back in the game but for her to stay in the game; she has to rely on Dan. "My game is in Dumb-ass's hands." Yep, pretty much. And can I just say something about Sierra really quick. Has she forgotten how horribly Rodney and especially Dan have treated her? And how Mike was the only one to stand up for her and make them back off. Why in hell would she stay with those guys? WHY?!?!?

So, Mike pulls Dan aside to talk about the four that branched off from the alliance. Dan tries to tell Mike he's not sure they'll make a move now. Mike goes on to mention that Sierra and Dan are the only people he's promised to go to the final three and that he's Blue to the end. Carolyn is worried about Dan, as he hasn't shown himself to be very smart. But she does have an idol if it looks bad tonight.

Mike goes on to ask Dan if he really trusts Rodney over him. And how horrible was it the way the Will insulted Shirin like that. He says that they made this camp with their bare hands and they made that alliance together. He says that he's had his back from the beginning and the others do not. He ends by asking Dan, "Who do you trust?" Dan tells us that Mike might be right and the four might send him home next. Um, yeah! That's what he's been trying to tell you for two days now. When Dan gets back to camp, the others huddle around him as Tyler tells him that everyone is questioning him and whether or not he'll be with them. As Tyler goes on, Dan stops him. He tells him that's enough and he will make his decision the way he wants to. And whoever he goes with, it's his choice and not theirs. He tells us that he could be making a million dollar decision tonight. Or a million dollar mistake.


We get to Tribal and of course, Jeff starts with Will. Will says there was an incident yesterday. He says Shirin questioned whether or not he shared all the food. Again - no, she didn't. Shirin chimes in to say that he went off the rails when he attacked her personally, saying she has no family and no soul. And Will's behind her saying, "It's true, though." Dig up, asshole. Dig up.

Shirin goes into the domestic violence in her past and how she has no family and he chose to dig on that. And worse, a whole bunch of people sat around and watched like it was entertainment. Sierra finally gets to speak as Jeff breaks down the collar alignment in the tribe. Um, Jeff, catch up, the collars are gone. Those breakdowns no longer exist. Dan talks about how you plan to come out there with no emotions, but then you bond with these people and share a life style with them. Mike talks about how bad he needed the immunity win. He says that there is a core four alliance: Rodney, Tyler, Carolyn and Will. He says that Dan and Sierra are five and six and they'll be voted out one after the other.

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