Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 10

Bring the Popcorn

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 23, 2015

Both she and the chicken are no longer on the island.

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He brings the chest back to show that nothing else could fit in it, and he goes on the offensive. He's totally yelling at her and she asks him, "Do you have to speak to me that way?" Of course he does, Shirin. Of course he does. Because you talk a lot and you bug people. So, of course, he has to yell at you. But wait, there's more. Now, Rodney has to get involved and tell her to be quiet and ride with them. As this happens, Mike shows up and basically escorts her out of camp telling her she doesn't have to sit and be attacked like that.

As she leaves, Will starts talking about how no one likes her and how there is no one back home in the United States that is missing her. They all have loved ones and she has nothing. "You have no family. You have nothing." Mike tells him to lay off the personal attacks. But Will will do whatever he wants. And he tells her to go on with her little bitch Mike and get out of there. "Do what now?" Shirin tells us that what hurts even more is that other than Mike, everyone just sat there and let him attack her like that.

What's amazing to me is that while he's hitting WAY below the belt, she never once mentions the fact that according to the show Will's profession is "YouTube Sensation." She never once mentions the fact that he's tried to ride that Jay Leno shit into a career. Dude, Jay Leno's gone...and with him went your ever fleeting 15 minutes. And oh, by the way, I'd kick your ass in a Bon Jovi sing-off, so get the hell over yourself.


Seriously, this is the type of situation that would make me a Survivor first. First person kicked off for beating the living shit out of someone on national television. Attack her game play. Give her hell for questioning your integrity - which I'll mention again, we never actually saw her do. But when you start digging at her personal life. Her family was broken up through domestic violence and you're really gonna poke her by saying she has no family? I mean what kind of low down piece of shit are you to do that to someone? What I thought was a really great season has turned into one of the most disgusting displays of human behavior I've ever seen. The trio of Will, Dan and Rodney may well be the worst example of human behavior this show has ever seen. So congrats've made MY final three of the biggest douches in the 15 year history of the show.

We join Mike, Shirin and Jenn as Shirin tells Jenn what happened. Jenn then tells us that she hasn't wanted to be here, but these people suck so bad she wants to stick around now just to mess up their game. Mike tells us that it's the three of them against the world, but he's going to keep fighting until he breaks through or he goes home.

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