Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 10

Bring the Popcorn

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 23, 2015

Both she and the chicken are no longer on the island.

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Jeff brings out the advantage, and all three put up all their money for a chance to draw rocks. Whoever pulls the white rock wins. Everyone pulls a rock, and Dan has the white rock. Are you kidding me? This is going from bad to worse. I mean, he paid his money and took his chance and it came through for him, so super-duper. I just hate that he essentially guilted Mike into giving up the advantage and now he has a major advantage in the game to help him advance, despite not being a good player.

I remember when I used to like most of the people out there. I think the percentages have flipped in the last few weeks. And with that, the auction is over and everyone can head back to camp. As they do, Dan tells us that Mike broke his heart and he might not be able to trust him anymore. Drama much? Come on man, he's carried you this far, doesn't he deserve the benefit of the doubt?

So, we check in back at camp with Will. He's totally bummed and upset about how the Auction went for him. But as he reaches the flag, he sees that there is a rolled up note attached to it. Could this be a clue to yet another idol? If it is, we're getting dangerously close to my dream Tribal where every vote is disqualified by a hidden idol.


Will reads the note and it's actually a little treasure map. He follows the map to a stick in the ground. He starts digging and unearths a pretty good-sized box full of food. There's a note that tells him that these rations are his and should last him until the end of the game. It's up to him whether or not to share. So, he pulls everything out of the box and brings it over to camp.

When everyone gets back, he has them close their eyes and Jenn reads his note. Everyone is pretty stoked. It is three big jars of food. I think one of them was jerky and one of them was electrolyte powder. So, it's a nice little stash. Anyway, as everyone eats a little, Will asks what happened at the auction. Mike tells Sierra that Rodney's flipped on them and that's the only reason he almost passed on the letter for the advantage. Mike tells us that he screwed up big today, but he knows this other alliance is coming for him. He plans to call them all out and blow everything up.

Mike announces to the entire tribe that the reason he almost didn't buy the letters is because he knows there's a four-person alliance of Will, Tyler, Carolyn and Rodney making plans to take him out. He calls them all out and rehashes Dan's "Flippers never win" credo and then tells everyone that Rodney flipped. Naturally, this pisses Rodney off. He goes on the offensive, and I guess I have to give him credit because what he says has nothing to do with anything. He tells Mike to relax. They all just got their letters from home and he's ruining it by accusing him here. So, he says absolutely nothing about whether the accusations are true. He just plays on everyone's emotions with their letters from home and makes Mike look like an ass for ruining their moment. Mike doesn't really care because he knows what he heard.

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