Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 10

Bring the Popcorn

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 23, 2015

Both she and the chicken are no longer on the island.

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What's interesting here is how Rodney and Carolyn look genuinely shocked and pissed to be accused of collusion. What I find interesting about it is that Mike is (as Mona Lisa Vito would say) dead on balls accurate.

We come back from break with Mike telling Rodney not to be mad because he got busted. Again, Rodney and Carolyn are appalled that he would suggest such things. Sierra tells us that Mike thinks Rodney has flipped and that he has the worst timing ever as everyone just wants to read their letters. So, they all finally start reading and it's very touching and yadda yadda yadda. Mike gets up and apologizes to the group, saying that it wasn't the time for him say something like he did and he's sorry. Mike's worried about the way that all went as everyone seems to be mad at him. He's hoping that when everyone gets back into game mode, they'll see that this is all out in the open now.

Rodney admits to us that what Mike said was true, but he's trying to turn it to his advantage, so he goes after Dan's vote. He tells Dan that he can't believe that Mike almost didn't let him have his letters. It was so disrespectful and all this nonsense. Dan tells us that Mike ruined what was supposed to be a really nice moment. He says that Mike is just convinced that Rodney has flipped and the three of them (Mike, Dan and Sierra) are now on the bottom. Nah, that can't be right.


Dan brushes all that stategery away and opens his "advantage." As rumored, the advantage is a second vote at an upcoming tribal. After Jeff says he'll tally the votes, you have to say that you want to use your advantage and you get a second vote at that Tribal. You can vote for whoever you want. You can double down on your other vote? Or do your own mini-split vote. Dan is super stoked, as he should be. However, if he plays the second vote the way he's played the rest of the game...I'm not sure how much of an advantage it will be.

We come back from break and Mike is hanging out with Jenn. They're talking about Will's story about the food stash he got. They don't seem to think that he actually gave them all the food and that he has other food stashed somewhere. Jenn wants to find it. She's talking about it with others around and is suggesting that he just gave them the stuff he doesn't like. Only Jenn and Mike have said anything about this that we know of. I only mention that because it might mean something in a little bit.

But I digress. Next up is Tyler telling Will that some people don't think he gave them everything he found. Tyler tells him that Shirin, Jenn and Mike are the ones saying it. And Will is pissed. He's already upset because he didn't get a letter from home like everyone else and now they're questioning his integrity? Oh, it's on. As I mentioned above, we've only actually seen/heard Mike and Jenn talk about this. So naturally, Will decides that the best thing to do is attack Shirin.

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