Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 10

Bring the Popcorn

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 23, 2015

Both she and the chicken are no longer on the island.

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Jeff pulls out some huge fruity drink thing that Jenn buys for $100. Sierra buys some food, Rodney gets a huge steak. As all this is happening, Mike is telling us how much more important the advantage is and how much he needs it. Jeff stops here and says they'll just get to the advantage. But about some love from home? And he raises the cover on a bunch of letters from home. Before anyone can bid, Shirin speaks up and tells them that in past auctions, whoever wins the letters...whatever they bid; Jeff ends up selling everyone else's letters at the same price. So, Sierra bids $20 and no one challenges her. Sierra gets letters from home. So, Jeff does just like Shirin suggested, he opens it up for everyone. Everyone starts to get up, but there's hesitation from Mike, Dan and Carolyn.

Carolyn says they should all pay the $20 for their letters and then go head to head for the advantage. Dan is already in tears asking Mike, "Please?" Mike never actually agrees. He just sort of nods his head a everyone runs up to get letters. As they get there, Mike ushers Dan ahead of him so he can be last in line.

As Dan gets his letters, he's already crying so Jeff has to ask him about it. He talks about how much he loves his wife and as he's doing this, you can tell Mike is trying to figure out what to do here. He REALLY wants the advantage, but he doesn't want to lose the trust. As Dan heads back to the bench, Mike does as well. WITHOUT his letters. WHOA!!! That is so awesome. Dan says, "He didn't do it." And as Mike sits down, Probst says, "WOW!" and we cue the credits.


We come back from break and Carolyn and Dan are pissed! Carolyn walks back up to Jeff and gives her letters back. Dan makes some comment about Mike losing the trust. I mean, I get it, I guess. But Did Dan or Carolyn actually hear a four-person alliance say that they're the next to go? Mike did. I'm sorry, but what Mike did was brilliant. And let's face it, Carolyn was out to get him anyway, so does he lose anything there? And Dan? He's only still in the game because Mike's kept him in it. Once he hears that Rodney's a "flipper," you know he'll side with Mike. Because you know Dan HATES a flipper. Am I right?

So, Mike sits there for a couple seconds and then lowers his head and goes back over to Jeff. "I can't do it...that goes against who I am as a person." Aw Mike...dammit! You just made THE move of Survivor Worlds Apart and you threw it away! Mike's been playing SUCH a good game and he just made his first huge blunder. By even thinking about doing that, he lost trust with his alliance. And if you're going to lose trust with your alliance, you might as well get an advantage out of it. As it is now, he has nothing. No trust, no alliance and no advantage. Yet.

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