Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 10

Bring the Popcorn

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 23, 2015

Both she and the chicken are no longer on the island.

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And with that, it's time for a Probst sighting! Jeff asks them how they're doing and Will says not too good. He saw the rest of the tribe come back with their letters and he offers Jeff a deal. He offers to sit out of the challenge if he can have his letters. Probst does what Probst does and says he's fine with it if every other person is fine with it. To protect the integrity of the game, if everyone else is okay with that arrangement, he'll have the letters waiting back at camp. So he asks everyone to raise their hand if they object. Everyone looks back and forth at each other and BOOM...Shirin raises her hand. And the Van Nest house cheers!

I know it's childish, but that's what you get. Why in the blue hell should she be forced to listen to you say all those horrible things about her and then be expected to give you ANYthing other than a swift kick in your ass? Good on ya, Shirin. Sure, someone will tell you that by doing that you've sunk to his level and he has won. But it's gotta feel good to know he'll be in the winner's circle with no letters from home.

Oh yeah, we still have a challenge to play. Today's challenge has the players using big giant tongs to carry balls over a couple teeter totters and placing them on a candelabra. First person to place all six balls wins immunity. Drop a ball or fall off the teeter totter and you have to go back to the beginning. The challenge starts and everyone is having trouble with it, except Tyler. He gets his first ball across pretty quick. Mike is the second person to place a ball. Tyler drops his ball and Mike passes him up and places his second ball. Rodney, Dan and Sierra finally get a ball placed.


Mike is across with his third ball as Tyler places number two and Carolyn gets her first. Mike finishes placing his fourth ball and Tyler has three. No one else is even in this challenge. If Mike can go the rest of the way without dropping a ball, he's got it in the bag. Tyler is keeping pace, but he's one ball behind. And here comes Mike with ball six. And...Mike...Wins...Individual Immunity! Jenn yells, "Yeah, one else get too excited." She loves to poke the bee hive and I love that about her. As they head back to camp, Rodney tells us that his game has taken a huge hit with Mike winning, and Tribal will not be able to go the way he wants it to.

And we come back from break to play, "It's anyone but Shirin or Jenn." Mike does the happy dance for us and that's disturbing. He knows he was going home if he hadn't won. Rodney and Will are talking about who to vote out. Will says not Shirin; he wants to make her life miserable. And Jenn is more of a threat so she should be the one to go. The group gets together to bask in their final six glory and decide to split the vote. As Carolyn goes on about how they can't win, Tyler seems to be not thrilled with the conversation. Will tells us how Shirin is has no soul and is useless. Real classy, there. I just hope that watching the show tonight, he realizes how horrible he was and makes some sort of personal vow to never treat another human being like that because it's reprehensible.

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