Survivor Worlds Apart - Episode 10

Bring the Popcorn

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 23, 2015

Both she and the chicken are no longer on the island.

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Rodney can't wait to talk now. This should be stunning. He goes off about how Mike's a maniac and how he almost made it so Dan and Carolyn couldn't get their letters. That's the second time he's said that and the second time he's wrong. What are you even talking about here, bro? It makes no sense. But he goes on to talk about how Mike then ruined the moment of the letter reading and about how he wasn't on the chopping block until then. I get it, bro. He called you out and he was absolutely right. And I get that you're gonna try to deflect, bro. But to sit up there and accuse him of all this when he is 100% correct, that ain't cool bro. You want it real, bro? Cause I'M the one that's bringing the actual facts. Bro.

Shirin says that she expects herself and Jenn to get split votes tonight. Jeff asks her if it's six against three then. She says, "It is four plus two against three." Carolyn is shaking her head like crazy, so Jeff calls on her. She says that they're six strong and they're just picking off the other alliance. Oh, but Mama C, you're NOT six strong. You're four strong with two people you're dragging along. Just be careful how far you drag them. It'd really suck for you to watch all the No Collars decide to give Sierra the money just because they don't like you. There's some more talking, but I'm already disgusted enough. Let's get to the vote.

We see Carolyn's vote for Jenn as she says, "You're a firecracker, Jenn." We see Rodney's vote for "Shareen" saying that just because she knows every season, doesn't mean she knows how to play the game. And all of a sudden, Jeff tallying the votes has more meaning. No one uses their advantage from the challenge or their hidden immunity idols.

First vote, Jenn. Shirin. Jenn. Shirin. Jenn. Carolyn. Shirin. 3-3-1. Jenn - that's 4. Tenth person voted out and the third member of the jury, Jenn. And dammit, there goes one of my favorites this season. And in three short weeks, this has gone from one of the most likable casts to one of the more despicable casts. Amazing how that works when three of the good ones get voted out and the others start to get some camera time. I much preferred it when you could have called him Purple Will. His ouster would be addition by subtraction. At this point, so would Dan's.


Next time on Survivor, Mike's out of allies and Dan is telling him how much of a threat he is. Meanwhile, Tyler turns on one of his own, and they show him picking up Dan's bag and later telling Carolyn that Dan has two votes. And...WOW! Probably less than 20 minutes TV time and Mike's prophecy turns out to be true. The four will turn on Dan and Sierra. Oh, and yeah...even though I like Tyler and I like the game he's been playing so far...YOU DON'T GO THROUGH PEOPLE'S STUFF!! Even the people I don't like deserve to not have to worry about the other folks rummaging through their bag. It is bush league and borderline cheating.
I guess we'll have to wait and see if there's an impact.

Quick note, I will be out of town, so either Ben Willoughby or David and Kim will be filling in for me on the recap. I'll be back the following week as we wind down toward the season finale. I KNOW, already!! Until then, y'all take care and be sure to hit me on the Tweet Box: @vannestjc if you wanna talk some Survivor!

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