Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 9 - Witches Coven

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2015

Sorry, I won't be around to bore you all to death anymore.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Episode 9 of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance. When last we spoke, the cast was reeling from an amazing idol play by Kelley Wentworth that saw Andrew Savage sent to Ponderosa. In the time since the last episode, it's come out that Joey Amazing was likely the culprit telling Ciera who they were voting for. She passed it along to Kelley and what we saw was the most votes nullified by one idol in the history of the show.

We also learned that splitting the vote was discussed, but not seriously as NO one thought Kelley had an idol. She'd done a pretty good sell job on Deitz having it, and no one ever saw her looking for one - probably because she found the clue on day one and the idol at the first challenge. Kudos to her for being able to keep her mouth shut about it.

Anyway, if the Jeremy/Stephen alliance has any brains at all, the idol play should change nothing and the votes should go Kelley's way again tonight. Problem is, Stephen still has his game-boner for Joe and that could alter strategy. We know a couple things for sure: EVERYone will be looking for the rehidden idol and Jeff is offering up a chance to improve your standing in the game AT THE IMMUNITY CHALLENGE! Who will jump down for the chance to improve their standing? And who doesn't want to put that kind of target on their back? I guess we'll find out in just a little bit. So sit back, relax, grab a balut and enjoy the show!


We begin tonight's show after Tribal Council, and everyone is congratulating Kelley on the idol play. And here is where you see how much these people appreciate the game. Even though their plan fell through, they can still recognize an amazing Survivor move. She quickly apologizes to the group for her outbursts as the votes were being read. She said she got a little excited and was feeling a bit betrayed. Jeremy sums it up best. "It was a badass move." Keith acknowledges that any questions they had about idols have now been answered and Spencer asks her where she found it, which she quickly refuses to answer.

Wentworth goes on to tell us how amazing it was to be able to idol Savage out of the game. She's feeling pretty good, but not all is hunky dory in the Orkun tribe. Kimmi is talking to Joe, saying that the next vote still has to be one of the three girls. She says they have to break up the #witchescoven before they get in with Tasha and Jeremy. Stephen compares them to the witches of Macbeth and he's concerned about being one that's killed in the night. Okay, folks, for real. You still have an 8-3 advantage. If you want them gone, you can have them gone. I think we're a little concerned about a serious minority alliance that, oh by the way, just blew its idol in the last Tribal.

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