Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 9 - Witches Coven

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2015

Sorry, I won't be around to bore you all to death anymore.

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But we're not gonna wait for it; we're going straight to night time. Jeremy tells us that as soon as the moon went down, the Spa day team comes back to camp. He was expecting this to be easy, with everyone all ready for bed. But not this night. Oh, no way. This night, they're all hanging by the fire and no one is ready to go to sleep (except Keith), and Jeremy is stuck. He finally decides to just excuse himself to go to the bathroom and high tails it toward the path. Now he's walking in complete darkness, following this trail, until he sees a light in the distance. He hurries over to it and hanging from a rope next to a lantern is a new idol.


He is PUMPED, buddies! He mentions to us that it seems that no two idols look alike this season, but he has the paper to prove it's a real idol. He calls this one Val's idol, then he gives her the other one too. As he's telling us this story, he starts to break down and tells us how he wants to make things easier for Val and his kids. He wants to make it easier for the new baby. He doesn't even know if it's a boy or girl. He tells us that he has to be very careful because he knows they're going to come for him and he has to use these idols at the right time.

We come back from break the next day as Stephen sees Wiglesworth and Joe on the beach talking. He tells us that they seem to be really close, like big sister, little brother close. And it scares him. We listen in on what they're saying and Wigles is saying that she trusts Joe, Kimmi and Keith but doesn't trust the three girls at all. Stephen goes on to tell us that he is concerned that no one seems to want to get rid of either Joe or Kelly and they're just content to let them stick around and be awesome. He says he thinks he might try to make a deal with the three witches to go after them.

So, Stephen goes to the girls and begins the talks. He mentions that he's sure that none of them trust each other and he doesn't want to come over and tell them what to do. Ciera tells him that being on the bottom; she's ready for anything right now. She tells him that the three of them will vote for whoever he says to vote for. Then she asks him if he wants to get rid of Joe. Stephen says that everyone wants to take Joe out and that maybe Wigles is the way to go. Abi agrees, saying that Kelly is playing a great social game and is talking to everyone. Ciera says that she'd vote for Wigles. Stephen goes on to say that the way people are playing right now is dumb, and that if they make this move it's a chance to totally change the game. And just like that, we have a little four-person voting block heading into the next...

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