Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 9 - Witches Coven

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2015

Sorry, I won't be around to bore you all to death anymore.

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The rain continues to pour as they arrive back at camp. There's congrats for Joe and Stephen. Kimmi tells us that Joe winning immunity is fine with her as she wants to take out the witches. Kimmi takes it to Jeremy, Tasha and Wigles that they should split their votes - five for Wentworth, three for Ciera. Spencer is now part of the conversation and they decide that since there are five guys and three girls, the guys will vote Wentworth and the girls will vote Ciera.

This becomes very interesting when you consider what Fishbach wants to do. He is a Wentworth vote that would flip to Wiglesworth, which would leave a 4-4 tie between the Kell(e)ys, with three votes for Ciera. However, when no idol is played, the revote would just turn into seven Wentworth versus four Wiglesworth. So, Stephen's gonna need some help here. OR, he'll need that advantage to be a vote doubler. And if it is, then he can show Dan from Worlds Apart how to successfully use the vote his second vote would seal Wiglesworth's fate: 5-4-3. Very interesting.

And right on cue, we join Stephen opening up his advantage. He doesn't just have a vote doubler, he has a vote stealer, which means that whenever he wants to use it, he will call out a tribemate. That person will lose their vote and he will get to make it for them. Which makes tonight's move a guarantee, IF he chooses to use it. He tells us, though, that he doesn't plan to use it tonight. He's in no danger tonight and he can work out tonight's vote with wit and hustle, but this advantage could be a huge game changer for him later on.


We join Stephen talking with Wentworth and Abi to confirm that Wiglesworth is the target. Kelley says she's with him, but they need someone else. He says he is sure that he'll get the other vote. Wentworth is thrilled with this as she's hoping that after this vote (if it works) she'll have a new life in this game. So the next thing we see is Stephen trying to sell Wigles to Spencer and Jeremy. He tells them that the three girls want to vote Wigles and if they vote with them, it's a done deal. Spencer asks him where that leaves them after the vote. Stephen says that it leaves them in an alliance of six and allows them to stop playing from the bottom. Spencer says, "Honestly, are we on the bottom?"

Stephen replies, "Yes, right, here there's three of us. That is not the top on an 11 person tribe." Stephen tells us that he doesn't want to make an alliance with the people on the bottom and then get voted out with them. He wants to create a voting block that can move forward in the game. Spencer tells him that he would be thrilled if Wiglesworth was out of the game right now, but he's having trouble with what it will look like afterward. Also, they're counting on Wentworth, Ciera and worse - Abi to stick to the plan. He tells us that he would LOVE to take control of the game, but he's worried that it'll kill his chances.

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