Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 9 - Witches Coven

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2015

Sorry, I won't be around to bore you all to death anymore.

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The next morning, we join Keith, Jeremy and Stephen on the beach talking about the move. Stephen suggests Kelley must have had a clue. I think he meant that she had a clue that she was the vote last night, but Keith and Jeremy take it to mean a clue to the idol. This gets them talking about the idol coming back into play. Jeremy tells us that losing Savage hurts his game as no one really liked him and he was another shield. He tells us he trusts Stephen, and even though Jeremy has an idol, he feels like he needs another.

And with that, the search for the idol is on as Keith and Tasha are looking around the well. Joe is searching for the idol as well. Now that he's won two challenges in a row, he needs it more than ever. As he searches, Abi Maria finds him looking. I'm not sure why this is a big deal. Of course he's looking. Anyone who isn't looking for an idol right now isn't playing the game. So Abi runs right to tell Wentworth that she caught him. Kelley tells us that she's glad to hear it, as it signals paranoia among the alliance of eight. She is sure hoping so, because she's ready to really start playing.

We come back from break to a seriously rainy Probst sighting! Today's reward challenge is a mother of an obstacle course. They'll be divided into two teams of five and they'll use wooden poles of different lengths to build a staircase. They'll work through a maze and down a slide. They'll then navigate a key through a rope maze and then use that key to open a chest. Inside the chests are puzzle pieces that when put together right will reveal the numbers to a combination lock. First team to get the combination and release their flag wins reward. And today's reward is the Survivor spa day. They'll get showers, a massage and a bunch of food. They all agree it's worth playing for.


They'll do a school yard pick 'em for teams, which means one person will not participate in the challenge. The pink team is captained by Tasha and she has Fishbach, Spencer, Joe and Ciera. The green team is captained by Wiglesworth. She chooses Keith, Kimmi, Jeremy and Wentworth. Abi was the person not picked. That had to be a blow to her ego. She thinks she's the best at everything and then is not chosen? Further, I can't wait to see the scorched earth once she gets back to camp after no one chose her for reward. Seriously, this could be the beginning of the end for her. I could see her totally blowing a gasket, causing everyone to vote her out next. But enough of that. Let's get to the challenge.

As the challenge begins, Jeff explains that while the poles are all different lengths, the depths of the holes are also different, so the tallest pole doesn't necessarily mean it will be the closest to the platform. As the teams trial and error their way through, Spencer and Joe have the pink (why does Jeff keep calling them purple?) moving pretty well. Green is in trouble. As pink finishes the puzzle, everyone climbs up and starts the maze. Next up is to slide down the little bamboo slide and they are WAY out in front. Joe takes on the key rope maze and gets the key free while green is still working on the steps. Spencer and Ciera take the key and begin to work on the puzzle. Spencer and Ciera have the puzzle almost finished as the green team finally figures out the poles.

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