Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 9 - Witches Coven

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2015

Sorry, I won't be around to bore you all to death anymore.

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Probst sighting! Today's immunity challenge is one we've seen a couple times. This is the balance on the dog house challenge. The platform is in the water, so it's very wiggly. They will start on one set of wood blocks and after 10 minutes move up. Last one standing wins immunity. He mentions that they played this challenge in Tasha and Spencer's season, and both of them lost. As they begin the challenge. it is flat pouring down rain, so that can't possibly make this challenge any easier. Everyone seems to be doing well and Probst starts randomly taking about being on Day 24. He talks about how success in this game can sometimes depend on you making the right decision at the right time...which means it's decision time - as promised in the promos.

And with that, he pulls out a machete, cuts a rope and a whole set of buoys bounce up out of the water, about 50 feet from where the players are standing. Jeff lets them know that the first one to jump in and touch their buoy will win an advantage in the game. And instantly, Fishbach and Spencer jump in the water and the race is on. They are neck and neck the whole way, but Stephen is the first to touch his buoy and will have an advantage. Spencer -got nothing for ya. I think this was a pretty easy decision for Stephen and an odd one for Spencer. The chances of Stephen winning this or any other challenge are so slim that I can definitely understand why he took the chance. Spencer is in at the end of every challenge, so giving up the shot at immunity for this doesn't make a lot of sense for him.

Oh yeah, there's still a challenge going on! The 10 minutes are up and everyone moves to the top part of the doghouse, where they will stay until only one of them remains. Wentworth, Jeremy, Ciera, Kimmi and Tasha cannot make the transition and all fall in right off the bat. This leaves Keith, Joe, Wiglesworth and Abi. They'll stay here for 20 minutes and, what, Jeff? There's nowhere else to go. Joe's having trouble, while Abi and Kelly are showing no signs of losing it. And just like that, Keith falls in leaving us at three.


As the rain continues to pour, the water is moving more and more. Jeff finally tells us what the next transition will be. They will stand on one foot. This is a live transition - no touching. So the lifting of the foot had better be smooth. I wouldn't expect this to last more than a minute. Wiglesworth is not able to make the transition in time and bows out of the challenge, leaving Joe and Abi to battle it out in a challenge that is definitely made more for the smaller person with smaller feet.

Abi has been looking so strong through this whole thing, but she finally shows some sign of weakness. Joe is all over the place but holding his balance. And just like that, Abi tries to ease the pain a little and loses her balance, leaving Joe to win immunity for third straight time. Everyone applauds as Jeff puts the necklace on Joe and hands over the advantage to Stephen. It is a scroll he is to read alone when he gets back to camp. As we head to break, Stephen tells us how cool it is to have Jeff say that he won something. He also says that the Wiglesworth thing is happening, no matter what he has to do to make it happen, including using his advantage!

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