Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 9 - Witches Coven

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2015

Sorry, I won't be around to bore you all to death anymore.

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We see Tasha's vote for Ciera, saying that she's voting for her as part of the plan and that she hopes it works. We see Keith's vote for Wentworth saying, "Sorry, girl." But you know if nothing else, Keith is gonna "Stick to the plan." Poor guy, he's got to be SO sick of hearing that. Anyway, we also see Wentworth's vote for Wiglesworth saying that there's only room for one Kell(e)y on this island. And that's interesting, because one way or the other, after tonight there will be only one left. It just depends on whether or not Stephen actually pulls the trigger on this and if he was able to get Jeremy and Spencer to go along.

Jeff goes to tally the votes, asks for any idols to be played and it's time to read the votes. First vote: Ciera. Second vote: Wentworth. Third vote: Wiglesworth. Ciera. Wentworth. Wiglesworth. Ciera. Wiglesworth. And it's three Ciera, three Wiglesworth, two Wentworth. This bodes well for Wentworth, as she got skipped in the rotation. And true to form, the next two votes are for the ninth person voted out and the third member of the jury: Kelly Wiglesworth.

With those votes Joe, Keith, Kimmi and Tasha just look confused. For Keith and Joe, they'll roll with it. I worry about how Tasha and Kimmi will take this. As top shelf members of the alliance, to be left out of a decision like this will not go over well. I can't wait to see how Stephen and Jeremy explain this away next week. Anyway, for the first time ever and some 15 years after this adventure started, Kelly Wiglesworth finally has her torch snuffed. With her and Woo gone, Stephen is the last person remaining that hasn't had his torch snuffed at some point. And the way it's going, he might actually be able to make the end again.


Next time on Survivor: the rain only gets worse. Stephen is shown breaking down. Keith tells us that when he's asked whether Survivor is fun, he says that it ain't fun. A cruise is fun. And the next immunity challenge has people making decisions and we see them with a white rock in one hand and a black rock in the other. I can only assume this is one of those, "you don't have to participate" challenges that lets everyone see who feels safe and who doesn't. For those who decide not to participate, it never works out. Never. The bottom of the tribe gets pissed and your alliance mates who stay in get pissed that you won't even try.

One thing's for sure, Joe won't be dropping out and he's the odds on favorite to win his fourth challenge in a row. And by the way...big programming note for Thanksgiving week - **While you might expect them to take a week off for the holiday, it's an #awesometwist for you. There will be two episodes next week. So, two fantastic hours of Survivor while you wait for turkey the next day. Enjoy!!**** 'Til next time, gang, take care!

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