Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance - Episode Recap

Episode 9 - Witches Coven

By Jim Van Nest

November 19, 2015

Sorry, I won't be around to bore you all to death anymore.

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Spencer and Jeremy try to confirm with him that the "witches" are all down for voting Wiglesworth. Stephen confirms that they are. He also tells them that this isn't an alliance and they don't necessarily have to keep counting on these girls, but they can take advantage of their need right now. Jeremy tells us that he doesn't know what to do. He trusts Stephen more than anyone else, but if they make this move, Kimmi, Tasha, Keith and Joe will be completely blindsided, and where will that leave him? He very much wants to make the right move here, and he's just not sure dumping Kelly Wiglesworth is that move right now.

Okay, it is raining as hard as I've ever seen it rain at Tribal. Everyone and everything is just soaked. Probst is soaked and so is the jury. Kass, by the way, greets the players with the one finger salute - again. Jeff starts with Fishbach, and they discuss the cold and how it's hard to think when it's this cold. Keith agrees that it's hard to concentrate right now with no sleep and no food. Jeff asks Wentworth about the votes last Tribal. She says that she hopes her playing the idol opens some people's eyes and they'll be ready to make a move. She says she doesn't think the vote is as clear cut as some people think it is tonight.

Probst asks Ciera about the fluidity of the game and how what happened last Tribal means absolutely nothing at this Tribal. She agrees and says that she thinks it woke some people up and they're thinking they need to play or get played. Jeff asks Joe about that comment. He says that if you think someone's coming after you, you need to go after them. Really? Is that so, Joe? Because last week, you KNEW Stephen was coming for you and the you ended up voting with him. Huh?


Jeff asks Jeremy about the fluidity of the game and mentions that even so, nine people voted together last Tribal. Jeremy says that it's a big alliance and that things are more like voting blocks and different people have different voting blocks. He says he's still trying to figure it out. Jeff asks Spencer about this and Spencer says it's true, but that doesn't mean you can't still build trust and that trust doesn't just disappear when you vote. And for the first time in I don't know how many Tribals, Jeff asks Kelly Wiglesworth a question. He says that Spencer just laid it out pretty well. The vote always tells the truth. She says that she hopes that everyone just does what they're supposed to do and she feels confident that they will.

When asked, Stephen says that it does seem to be a shift in the way people are playing the game. He says alliances aren't the same as they've been in the past and you need to be flexible with that and the others may need to flexible with you. Tasha jumps in to say that you still need the two or three people that you really trust because the voting block with the most trust will dominate the alliance and help you win the game. Jeff asks them all who feels seriously worried that it could be them tonight. Abi, Tasha, Stephen, Jeremy, Wentworth and Ciera all raise their hands. Jeff finds it interesting that more than half the group is worried tonight. Spencer says it's telling and that it's bold to admit that in front of your alliance and the people you trust. And with that, it's time to vote. This should be good.

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