Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 7 - Play to Win

By Jim Van Nest

November 9, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to Merge Night on Survivor Second Chance! That's right, for the first time in Survivor history, they're merging the tribes with 13 people still in the game. If previews are to be believed, this will come as quite a shock to most of the players and it could be a game-saving twist for some, while spelling doom for others. Joey Amazing, for example, had to be waiting for the individual game, but he could be staring down the bullet of having to win seven, eight or even nine challenges. Hopefully, the bonds he's made will be stronger than Fishbach's urge to get rid of him. And what of Spencer? He bunked with the devil last week, but this week he'll be back with his mentor, Jeremy.

A lot of things are going to be up in the air, but let's refresh last week. Last week saw the departure of Terry Deitz for an emergency with his son, Danny. Last week also saw the three tribes merged into two, which was great news to the Angkor Four. Savage, especially was feeling on top of the world, as he could finally enact his plan to oust Spencer. He just made one little mistake - he suggested that they offer Ciera up as the decoy vote. And guess what? Ciera doesn't like to be made the decoy vote, and she quickly organized Abi, Spencer and her bestie Kass to target one of Savage's alliance. With Abi in the fold, the only possible option was Woo. With a huge decision to make at Tribal Council, Kass decided to side with her tightest alliance, Ciera, and actually votes WITH Spencer to oust Woo. With the table all set, let's see what kind of craziness tonight's early merge has to offer.


We begin at Ta Keo on Day 17, the morning after the Woo blindside. Savage is blown away by the liars on his tribe. He tries to tell Kass that she could have come to him, and she tells him that it was not personal. She says there were just too many red flags. After he gets over his little crybaby spell, Savage asks the tribe to please keep him in the game to the merge. Spencer asks him point blank, "Are you still going to be coming after me?" Savage shakes his hand and says, "I'll never write your name down again." Um, wow. I say wow, because coming from Savage, that means something. Spencer and Kass both suggest that maybe this was how it should have been on Cagayan. Spencer tells us that he likes his group right now even though he has to rely on Kass. But he thinks that his growth in this game is what is allowing this to happen. Time will tell, I guess.

We check in with Bayon, also on the morning of Day 17. Keith and Kimmi come back with Tree Mail that tells them to go to the beach and await visitors. They all agree that there's no way they can be merging this soon. Tasha tells us that if they do merge, she's worried about the Cagayan people finally being all together. We flip real quickly to Kass reading Tree Mail, telling them to grab everything they want to keep with them in the game and head over to Bayon beach. Ciera's really worried about merging right now, with Savage feeling hurt and left out. Kass reminds the group that over on the other tribe, someone will be on the bottom and they need to look for it. As the credits get ready to roll, through the rain, Savage is thrilled at the thought of a merge. He can't wait to get back to his "Bayon Brothers." I'm afraid he may not have any Bayon brothers to get back to. Again, I guess time will tell.

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