Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 7 - Play to Win

By Jim Van Nest

November 9, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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We come back from break to see Ta Keo walking up their new beach. As they approach the merge feast, there's the Bayon tribe on their way as well. Joe tells us that there's no way they could be merging this soon. And Keith reads the note left for them telling them that they are merged. They unwrap their new orange buffs and begin to feast! Wentworth is very excited to have made the merge and she is ready to play.

As everyone feasts, the conversation turns to what happened with Woo. I can't believe my ears as Kass basically gives away everything that happened on Ta Keo. She tells them that Woo, Savage and Wiglesworth voted for Spencer. Kimmi asks her if she wrote down Spencer's name and Kass tells her she did not. She tells the group that Spencer put his fate in her hands and she didn’t' abuse it. Of course, what she HAS done is just broken down the alliances of her former tribe. For a smart lady, I'm blown away that she's actually having this conversation.

Stephen tells us that he was just waiting for the feast to break up so he can get to setting up the play for the first vote. Savage is thrilled to be back at Bayon. He tells Jeremy about how fast they turned on him last night, and says the two of them need to be very careful with what they do next. They start trying to put together their seven for this vote. They have the two of them, Stephen, Wiglesworth, Kimmi and Tasha. Savage says that he's going to make the play to get Joe and if he can do that, they'll have their seven. Next up we see Wentworth and Kass putting their heads together. They figure they can keep their Ta Keo five together and add in Abi and Spencer to give them the seven. Kelley is worried that they may lose Joe and/or Spencer, so she makes the plan to secure both of them in her alliance as they are going to be power players in this game.


After the commercial, Savage decides to make his play for Joe. He has a sit down with him on the beach. Savage breaks it down for Joe with the list of names that we just discussed. Joe tells us that Savage is trustworthy and that he's really playing with his heart. His worry is that he had a deal with the Ta Keo five and he's not sure he wants to break that. He tells Savage that he wants to talk to people today to get an idea of which way they're leaning.

Wentworth targets Spencer. She breaks down her numbers with him and he says that he has two concerns, because he hasn't talked to these people. That's Keith and Joe. Kelley confirms that Keith is with them and she has his vote. She tells him that she should have Joe, but she wants to talk to him soon to make sure he doesn't start to bro-down with Savage and Jeremy. Spencer tells us that there are apparently two groups in play here and he and Joe are in the middle. Naturally, the play is to go talk to Joe. So he does. He lays it out to Joe that he doesn't really have any allies. Joe says that he hasn't had to go to Tribal, so he's not sure where he stands. They start breaking down the two groups. As the conversation ends, Joe breaks it down that there's a line and he's on one side or the other. Spencer tells him they have to watch each other's backs.

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