Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 7 - Play to Win

By Jim Van Nest

November 9, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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Okay, so we're in the merge episode, right? We still have to begin Tribal Council with two players dipping their torches to get fire. Fire represents life and when your fire's gone, so are you. That's right - Joe and Keith are coming to Tribal for the first time. Wow.

Jeff starts with Ciera asking her to expound on her comments from the challenge. She says chaotic doesn't begin to explain what was going on out there. He goes to Kass next and asks her if there can be too much chaos, even for her. She tells him that she is not playing that kind of game and that it is other people who are up to her old tricks. He asks "Like who?" "Tasha." And there it is! THAT'S the Chaos Kass we all love. Blowing it up 30 seconds into Tribal.

Tasha brings out the claws and lets Kass know she is gonna call her on her stuff. Kass explains about Tasha saying the Bayon alliance was no more, Tasha cuts her off, talking about her lies. And then Ciera jumps in to say that while she may enjoy the chaos, a lot of what Kass is saying is the truth. Jeff asks Joe about the three people in the middle of all this and what it means. Joe says that the first vote after the merge and people are scared to officially pick a side. So the easiest thing would be to go with one of those three right there.


Jeff asks Ciera how that feels to be pointed out as an easy vote. She doesn't like it and goes off on some diatribe about playing to win and everyone should be doing what's best for them. And it totally made no sense, to me, with the narrative of Tribal so far. But then, I didn't expect a random Fishbach poetry reading in the middle of the merge episode, either. Jeff suggests to Spencer that he's probably thinking, "I am playing." He says that he is playing but that what is playing to him might not be to someone else. And that tomorrow, it might be totally different. Jeff asks Stephen if that's a big comment to be throwing out there. He says that it's odd to see three smaller women as the potential boots on the merge episode of Survivor. He feels that there's a change to strategy right now, an Evolution of Strategy (you might say).

Jeff suggests to Spencer that maybe you don't need an alliance right now, just voting blocks. Spencer says that the speed with which this game is moving, nothing will be expected. Jeff asks Ciera about whether trust is needed. She says of course trust is needed. You want to be one, two, three or four. You don't want to be six, seven, eight or nine. And someone in this Tribal is six, seven, eight and nine in their group. And when you realize that's where you're at, that's when it's time to make a move and play the game. She appears to be saying all this to Spencer, but it's hard to say for sure. What isn't hard to say, though, is that it is time to vote.

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