Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 7 - Play to Win

By Jim Van Nest

November 9, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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And where Kass may or may not have been making headway with her rant on Tasha, any hope she had of flipping anyone blew right up with Ciera's nonsense. Ciera is a good player, but her desire to make "the big move" gets the best of her sometimes and this is one of those times. Kass, like her or not, had a definite plan when she went up to the group and Ciera, unknowingly, just blew it up in their faces. Savage tells us that Ciera jumping in the fray just woke the sleeping bull and that there's a two-headed dragon tearing up camp right now and at the next Tribal, they're going to take one of those heads and lop it off. As he speaks, we're finally taken to a....

Probst sighting! Come on in, guys! Jeff asks Ciera how it's going with the new merged tribe. She says it's really chaotic right now and that there's not a clear vision of where the lines are drawn. There probably won't be until that first Tribal, either, so having that necklace will be pretty important. Today's challenge is a replay of a Cagayan challenge. Each person will have a stick with a round flat platform on the top. They'll have to balance a ball on this platform, while standing on an inclined balance beam. At 10 minute intervals, they will move down the narrowing beam and move their hands down the stick they're holding, making the balance much harder. Last person standing with their ball on their platform wins immunity and will be safe from the vote at Tribal Council.

For what it's worth, in Cagayan, Spencer came in a close second on this challenge, with Tasha winning the necklace. So, there you have it. When you're all set, let's begin. About seven seconds in, Stephen's ball drops and he is out. Nine minutes in and the man who is "good with balls," Keith, drops out of the challenge. Right behind Keith are Ciera and Kimmi and we've lost four people in the first round of this challenge. Everyone moves down the beam and hands down the pole and let's begin again.


Abi lasts about two seconds into round two and she drops out. Kass is next out, followed by Wiglesworth and Wentworth. Five people remain heading into the third round - Joe, Jeremy, Savage, Spencer and Tasha. The third round begins and Savage is out quickly. Shortly after Savage, Tasha drops out followed closely by Jeremy. We're down to Joe vs. Spencer. Spencer looking for redemption in this challenge against Joey Amazing. I think we all know how this will work out. Joe wins first individual immunity! As everyone heads back to camp and we head to commercial; Joe tells us that he and Spencer are looking to be the swing votes tonight and he's glad to have that necklace as it's going to be "one helluva Tribal."

We get back from commercial to everyone congratulating Joe on his big win. Andrew tells us how he really wanted to make a statement in this challenge to show that he could hang with the young guys. The desire to bro-down is strong in this one. He goes on to tell us that Kass and Ciera are such a disruptive force in camp right now, but if he gets to choose, he wants Ciera to go because of what she said about him earlier. It blows me away how even as second chancers, people can't look past shit like that and remember what's important here. Taking Ciera out is not important right now. Removing the real pot stirrer - Kass - is.

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