Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 7 - Play to Win

By Jim Van Nest

November 9, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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As the rain continues to fall, the whole tribe is stuck under the shelter. As they sit feeling restless, Stephen decides to recite a poem to everyone. As he speaks, the silent communication between everyone else is pretty humorous. Eye rolls and smiles are exchanged. Once he finishes the poem, he gets some applause and Kass tells us that she's worried about the bro-down going on at Bayon. She feels like she can pull in the numbers to go against Savage, Jeremy and Stephen.

As people start to go out of the shelter, Kass and Tasha are talking while they lay down. Kass tells Tasha that she could be in trouble because she's a challenge threat. Tasha tries to play it down, but there's really no way to do it. It's the truth. She tells us that she's not too thrilled with Kass right now and she's trying to give Kass mis-information. She tells us that Kass got her voted out last time and she will not let her vote her out again. Tasha tries her best to downplay the Bayon alliance, but I don't think Kass is buying it. Kass tells us that Tasha is still living in the past and she needs to think about their second chance. "Don't mess with my second chance. You just unleashed the beast." Kass tells her that she thinks the lines will be drawn today.

After the break, we get more Kass as she tells us that the Bayon people are set to run the show, unless someone upsets the apple cart. And God forbid it be Chaos Kass that does that. After not liking her even the slightest bit in Cagayan, I can't believe that I'm now actively rooting for her. What the hell has happened here? We join another conversation between Kass and Tasha on the beach where Kass calls Tasha out for lying to her in the shelter about Bayon being done. Tasha doesn't deny lying to Kass and actually suggests that there's no way she would tell her the truth.


What happens next is basically a replay of several different episodes from Cagayan. Kass decides to blow up Tasha’s game by calling her out in front of the rest of the tribe, telling everyone that Tasha said Bayon was done and that she wasn't with them anymore. As she did alone on the beach, Tasha reminds everyone that she would never tell Kass the truth based on their Cagayan history. Kimmi suggests that they're both coming in with baggage from last season and that a clean slate would be best for everyone. Obviously, that isn't going to happen. Kass has gone down the rabbit hole of Chaos Kass mode and there's no coming back from that. She'll either freak everyone out enough that someone will flip and help her vote out Tasha, or Kass' game will end right here, right now.

Where things really start to devolve is when Ciera joins in and tries to help stir the pot. She suggests - again, in front of everyone - that the reason Woo went home was because he and Savage were talking about getting rid of the strong Bayon members like Jeremy and Joe. Savage is appalled at the her nerve to come in and flat out lie like that. And I, as a viewer, was also appalled that she would make up such an unbelievable lie. No one on that island would ever believe that Savage was coming for Jeremy.

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