Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 7 - Play to Win

By Jim Van Nest

November 9, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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As I watch everyone step up to vote, I can't help but notice that in a 13 person Tribal Council, only six people got to speak. After the first few episodes, what is up with Purple Abi? And Purple Wiglesworth? They hardly ever speak anymore. Anyway, we see Tasha voting for "KAS." I have to wonder if that's some sort of shot that I don't understand. I mean, they played over 30 days together once and they've been together for another 17 or so here. She knows how to spell Kass's name. We see Jeremy vote for Ciera. And see? He spells it correctly. He didn't know her before this game and despite the many spellings of Ciera, he knows how to spell it. Something was up with Tasha's vote. Maybe I have too much empty space in my brain to focus on things like that. Moving on.

We also see Kass's vote for Tasha. And with that, Jeff'll go tally the votes. First vote, Kass. Ciera. Tasha. Kass. Ciera. Tasha. So we have a three-way tie with two votes a piece. What's interesting here are the odd looks we see from Savage and Tasha. I don't get it. You have an alliance of nine against a minority of four. The minority alliance picked Tasha to vote against. You should be expecting four votes for her tonight. Why does this surprise you? Anyway, I digress. Kass. Ciera. Savage?? Um, what? Why would someone vote for Savage right now? I'll say this, though. The look on his face is not one of happiness. Someone's gonna have some 'splainin' to do later.

Next votes, Kass. Ciera. It's now four votes Kass, four votes Ciera, two votes Tasha, one vote Savage. Two votes left. The last two votes are the same. Seventh person voted out and the first member of our jury, Kass. Wha? First member of the jury? Wow! This jury will be huge. The final episode is gonna have to be about four hours! Anyway, Chaos Kass bows out and when we see the votes, we see that Wentworth voted for Kass, Ciera was the vote for Savage, and Spencer went with the numbers and cast his vote for Ciera. Only Abi stuck with Kass in voting for Tasha.


I'm not sure what to say about Kass other than I think she knew her back was against the wall and she went back to the only well she knew how to tap. She went for causing confusion and tension in the main alliance. Unfortunately, these people have seen her play and her attempts gained no traction and like Joe said, she was the easy boot tonight. One would assume that either Ciera or Abi will be the easy vote next week, but in this crazy-ass season, let's not write that in ink, eh?

Next time on Survivor: sounds like everyone is worried about big moves. Savage says he knows one is coming. Stephen says that it's time to take out someone who's a real threat to win this game. As they flash on the possible threats to win the game we see Stephen, Spencer, Savage, Joe, Jeremy, Tasha and Kelley Wentworth. I'm sure he knows he's a target, as Joe says, "People will only be loyal for so long." Hopefully, he'll be around after the dust settles to see if he can rival Mike Holloway in challenge wins. Until next week, be sure to come back and check out Ben's Power Rankings and then check out the recap of Episode 8, right here.

Hit me up on the Facebook or the Tweetbox: @vannestjc I love talking Survivor and I'd like to know what y'all think! Take care!

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