Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Recap

Episode 7 - Play to Win

By Jim Van Nest

November 9, 2015

Good riddance. Again.

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So we join Andrew at the watering hole with Wiglesworth, Stephen and Joe, and he tells them he thinks Ciera needs to go. Stephen and Kelly both feel it should be Kass first. He doesn't really care for it, but in his first decent strategic move, he shuts up and just rolls with it. Joe says that he might be in a position where he just has to stick with the numbers tonight. Next we catch up with Spencer, Jeremy and Keith and Kass seems to be the name there as well. Spencer tells us that he does not like the idea of voting out Kass, especially since she just saved him. He does, however, feel like the numbers are running away from him and he may not be able to save Kass even if he wanted to.

Spencer does throw something out here, and if he did it on purpose, it's pretty brilliant. He asks Jeremy if they should split the vote. Jeremy doesn't think Kass has an idol and wisely, Spencer backs off. But later, Jeremy tells us that he has to be careful of Kass possibly having an idol and that they'd probably be better off splitting the vote. The reason I say this is brilliant is that Spencer has now made himself part of a nine-person alliance that is targeting Kass. He threw out the idea of splitting the vote, which they're going to do now, which would make it a 5-4-4 split with 13 people. That really leaves Spencer in a perfect place to throw his vote on any of the three people mentioned and be that deciding vote. If that was his plan, it's brilliant. If not, well, he should pay attention, because he could be the ultimate decider tonight.


We join the alliance as they decide how to split the votes. They decide that it will be five votes on Kass, four on Ciera and they break down who's voting for whom. Hell, even Keith is down with this plan. The next thing we see is Kass telling her lonely four - Abi, Ciera and Wentworth - that the bro-down is happening and they're in trouble. Ciera suggests that they're probably going to split the vote to guard against an idol. So, all they need to do is swing one person (Spencer?) to their side and Tasha can be the person going home tonight. I'm surprised how quickly Abi gets on board with this plan, but, it's Abi and she's switched her alliance every episode - why should this one be any different, right?

So, Kass goes to take her shot with Spencer. She tells him that with the vote split on, all they have to do is have him cross to their side and take out Tasha. Spencer looks down with the plan until she says to vote for Tasha. He kinda stops looking so excited at this point, but does nod and commit himself to that plan. Honestly, if you really want to pull off a move like this, the way to handle it is, "Spencer, we need your vote. We want your vote. Tell me who you want to vote off." And then your alliance makes it happen. By giving him a name, you're taking the risk that he also wants to vote out that person. If he doesn't, you've lost him before you could even start. As they head to Tribal, Spencer acknowledges that he is in a unique position for him, to control who goes home. He considers Tasha a friend and he doesn't want to vote her out, but Kass and Ciera stuck their necks out to save him at the last vote.

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