Survivor Second Chance

The BOP Ballots

By the BOP Survivor Experts

May 18, 2015

And that's the way they became The Probst-y Bunch.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to a super special edition of our Survivor coverage. The Survivor world was shaken to its core last week with the announcement that the cast of the very next season of Survivor, Season 31, will be chosen by us, the fans! They're calling this little experiment Survivor Second Chance! The producers of the show have come up with 32 previous players and are giving us a voice in which 20 of them will return for Season 31 of the reality giant. Voting is going on right now and the cast will be officially announced at the Worlds Apart Live Reunion Special on Wednesday, May 20th. Of course, the Survivor writers here at BOP have something to say about this, so we've decided to publish our official Survivor Second Chance ballots.

Before we get to the ballots, some housekeeping on how this whole Second Chance thing will work. You log into and you'll have to vote for 10 men and 10 women to return. You cannot vote for fewer than 10, which one of us wanted to do. While being hyped as a list of non-winners who have only played once, it should be noted that two people still in the game in Worlds Apart are on the list. Carolyn Rivera and Mike Holloway are on the list, even though they're still possible winners. The official rule on this is that if either of them wins Worlds Apart, they will be taken out of the cast of Season 31 and the next highest vote-getter will take their spot.

Also, the entire group of 32 will be in attendance at the big Cast Reveal. The 20 people chosen will immediately be locked down and will leave for filming within gso days. On the flip side of this, we'll get to watch 10 people have their Survivor dream crushed on live TV, so there's that as well.

Ok, enough build up, let's talk Ballots. The lists are in no particular order.


Jim Van Nest


1) Jeff Varner - Season 2: Australian Outback - A lot of people won't remember Jeff, but other than Mike Skupin himself, Varner was easily the most affected by Mike's fire-dive. He was also the only person ever voted out of the game by the antiquated "previous votes" tie-breaker rule. Jeff was a hard player and I'd love to see if this old-school player could survive in the new-school game.

2) Andrew Savage - Season 7: Pearl Islands - I'm not a huge Savage fan, but I HATED the Outcast twist. And he was screwed by the Outcasts, so he gets my vote for a second chance.

3) Shane Powers - Season 12: Panama - Shane is a lunatic. He was a lunatic in Panama and he hasn't changed much. Oddly enough, as crazy as he was, he left the game because he refused to break a promise on his son. He's nuts, not stupid and I'd love to see him get a second shot at this.

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