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May 18, 2015

And that's the way they became The Probst-y Bunch.

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Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper from Season 3 Africa - People love her but I can't remember anything about her. Nothing.
Peih Gee Law from Season 15 China - See T-Bird.
Monica Padilla from Season 19 Samoa - Supposedly she stood up to Russell, but I don't remember that, so see T-Bird and Peih Gee.
Stephanie Valencia from Season 22 Redemption Island - After watching him for two seasons, she CHOSE to align with the Russell sinking ship in RI. You don't get rewarded for that. You just don't.
Sabrina Thompson from Season 24 One World - Kim Spradlin owned One World. So much that I forgot Sabrina took second place. A finalist should be more memorable.
Abi-Maria Gomes from Season 25 Philippines - While she seems like a lovely person in social media, I can't forget what Abi-Maria was in the game. And that was hateful and petty. Worlds Apart has been filled with ugliness and hateful people. Why would I CHOOSE to continue that in Season 31?

Ben Willoughby


1) Shane Powers - Season 12: Panama - Out of the men, Shane is my number one pick to come back, and it’s purely because it’s insane and would drive everyone nuts. In his first season, he went cold turkey from cigarettes, from the moment he stepped on the beach. Nicotine-withdrawal rants FTW!

2) Terry Dietz- Season 12: Panama - Terry Dietz was one of those Survivor players who felt that he should get to win Survivor because he was the best at winning challenges. Obviously he doesn’t understand the game, because you win by winning votes at the end of the game. It will be 20 seasons since Terry’s season, which is two seasons more than the gap between Colby’s first season and Heroes vs. Villains. He’s 55 now, and is not going to be the challenge monster he was, so why vote to bring him back? In my case, it’s a lack of other viable options.


3) Stephen Fishbach - Season 18: Tocantins - An under-rated player, Stephen was the reason that J.T. got as far as he did and won his season. Look at how badly J.T. failed in his follow-up season, giving up his immunity idol and writing mash notes to Russell Hantz. That wouldn’t have happened if Stephen was there. Stephen was a Cochran before there was a Cochran, and he’s smarter than Cochran, and I’m glad that now he’s living the life of Cochran with a Survivor blog and podcasts that he has the fan-base to be voted back in.

4) Jim Rice - Season 23: South Pacific - I missed this season. Jim was the guy willing to draw a purple rock, and later was the one who got angry at Cochran and called him a coward. That’s good enough for me to throw him a vote

5) Troy-zan Robertson - Season 24: One World - Remember there was a season where two players had Tarzan-themed nicknames? Troyzan was a competitor, and kind of a nut-bar. Troyzan is still under the impression that he has “jungle instincts”.

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