Survivor Second Chance

The BOP Ballots

By the BOP Survivor Experts

May 18, 2015

And that's the way they became The Probst-y Bunch.

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1) Kelly Wiglesworth - Season 1: Borneo - You have to go with a first season player, right? She crushed challenges and hated alliances. It's 15 years later, has she changed on the whole alliance thing? Can she still kill challenges? Can't wait to see.

2) Natalie Tennerelli - Season 22: Redemption Island - She played with and learned from one of the best, Boston Rob Mariano. I want to see what she learned.

3) Ciera Eastin - Season 27: Blood vs Water - She voted out her mom. Do I need to say anything else? Let's see what she can do when she doesn't have that anchor slowing her down.

4) Tasha Fox - Season 28: Cagayan - First off, St. Louis WILL represent. Second off, I though Tasha had a great mix of Survivor skills and a crappy tribe to work with. I'd like to see her among some players.

5) Kass McQuillen - Season 28: Cagayan - "Chaos Kass" is a lock to be back and I'm kinda looking forward to it. I don't really care for her and I'm not sure she has a good game, but she will make it interesting and this season will need someone like that.


6) Kelly Wentworth - Season 29: San Juan Del Sur - She was VERY weighed down by her dad in her season. She did her best with what she had, but she couldn't escape her dad or her Survivor fandom. That won't be an issue here. I'll say it now, potential winner of Season 31.

7) Shirin Oskooi - Season 30: Worlds Apart - Maybe it's a recency thing, but I want to see Shirin get another shot. She has game and I hope that she goes a little less talky, little more gamey in her second chance.

8) Carolyn "Mama C" Rivera - Season 30: Worlds Apart - Carolyn has played a REALLY good game and I'm not 100% sure she doesn't win this season. If she doesn't, I want to see if she can do it again.

Here is where I pretty much ran out of women I wanted to vote for, but the voting site forces you to vote for 10, so here are my final two:

9) Kimmi Kappenberg - Season 2: Austalian Outback - I don't have a lot of love for Kimmi, but she provided some drama and she's old-school and I kinda lean that way. Plus, she's the one who let the other tribe know Varner had a vote cast against him. Can you say, "Rivalry"?

10) Mikayla Wingle - Season 23: South Pacific - The object of Brandon Hantz's lust, Mikayla didn't do anything special on her season. He was just so damn creepy that with a lack of other choices I like, I figured I'd throw her a vote as my way of saying, "Sorry you had to deal with that."

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