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Survivor Second Chance

The BOP Ballots

By the BOP Survivor Experts

May 18, 2015

And that's the way they became The Probst-y Bunch.

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Joseph Verrone


1) Jeff Varner - Season 2: Australian Outback - Season 2 returnee? 'Nuff said.

2) Terry Deitz - Season 12: Palau - Beast!!

3) Andrew Savage - Season 7: Pearl Islands - Beast 2.0!! He also got screwed by a bad twist his season.

4) Shane Powers - Season 12: Palau - Crazy! Literally crazy town Shane. I will be very annoyed if he doesn’t make the cut. He and Wiglesworth are probably the two people I want back more than anyone.

5) Stephen Fishbach - Season 18: Tocantins - Another strategic mind. Has been in the Survivor loop for a long time. It's time for him to return.

6) Jim Rice - Season 23: South Pacific - Went way too soon his season. Very strategic mind. Always on my list of people to see again.

7) Spencer Bledsoe - Season 28: Cagayan - A lot of people thought he was kind of a dick. But very smart and very cunning. He is essentially the Tywin Lannister of Survivor.

8) Jeremy Collins - Season 29: San Juan Del Sur - Also played a good game even if I never rooted for him. He deserves another go.

9) Joe Anglim - Season 30: Worlds Apart - Strong competitor. Very likable. Shares my name. He gets my vote for sure.

10) Mike Holloway - Season 30: Worlds Apart - Still hoping he can pull off the win this season. But if not, let's bring him back.



1) Kelly Wiglesworth - Season 1: Borneo - Season one runner-up? I have been wanting Kelly Wiglesworth back forever.

2) Kimmi Kappenberg - Season 2: Austalian Outback - Hilarious and crazy.

3) Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper - Season 3: Africa - Season 3 returnee? Literally any contestant on that long ago gets my vote.

4) Peih-Gee Law - Season 15: China - Underrated player her season.

5) Monica Padilla - Season 19: Samoa - Hot!!

6) Natalie Tennerelli - Season 22: Redemption Island - Hotter. But also she was quite young her first time out. I’d like to see if she learned anything.

7) Abi Maria Gomes - Season 25: Philippines - Sexy, savvy and that ass.

8) Ciera Eastin - Season 27: Blood vs Water - Was an enjoyable presence her original season.

9) Tasha Fox - Season 28: Cagayan - Possibly the strongest female contestant her season. Definitely earned a second go.

10) Carolyn "Mama C" Rivera - Season 30: Worlds Apart - Just bumped Mikayla off my list of 10. She deserves another go if she doesn't win this season.

Didn't Get Votes

The only comment to be made here: You couldn't pay me enough money to vote for Kass to return!

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