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By the BOP Survivor Experts

May 18, 2015

And that's the way they became The Probst-y Bunch.

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6) Brad Culpepper - Season 27: Blood vs. Water - F* you, Brad Culpepper, that’s why! Brad was a terrible leader who got everyone angry at him for voting out their loved ones. None of the women in the game – except his wife – liked him, but after this past season I am nostalgic for his relatively benign views on gender relations.

7) Vytas Baskauskas - Season 27: Blood vs. Water - Vytas is a schemer, and Survivor needs as many schemers as it can get. Remember that chip on his shoulder about that his golden-boy younger brother Aras? Though according to Vytas’ revisionist take of that season, the reason he was eliminated from the game was that he was always protective of Aras! The powers of denial are strong in this one.

8) Spencer Bledsoe - Season 28: Cagayan - I skipped this season, but according to his bio, Spencer’s idol in life is Mitt Romney because he is “the perfect embodiment of capitalism.” He also dislikes “people who are stupid but still voice their opinions” and “incompetent leaders.” He thinks that being pompous is a sign of leadership. I want him back, because I want to see this kind of idiocy.


9) Woo Hwang - Season 28: Cagayan - Woo stuck by his code and lost like a sucker. Every season needs its dupes.

10) Jeremy Collins - Season 29: San Juan Del Sur - I wouldn’t mind if Jeremy played Survivor again, but I wouldn’t vote for him. Though due to a lack of options, I guess I am.

Didn't Get Votes

Jeff Varner from Season 2 Australian Outback - I don’t remember him at all. Pass.
Andrew Savage from Season 7 Pearl Islands - Andrew Savage was Russell Swann before there was a Russell Swann. He organized himself into being the leader of the loser Morgan tribe. As the gimmick for that season was “:the winning tribe gets to loot something from the losing tribe’s camp”, Morgan was quickly left with nothing but a cooking pot and their pants. I don’t want to see Andrew – I refuse to call him “Savage” – back. He picked a lot on Little Ryan, saying that he didn’t try hard enough in challenges when really Little Ryan tried as hard as he could, he was just a weedy little guy who didn’t fit in and wasn’t up to Andrew. And then he was voted out simply because resented Lillian coming back into the game and didn’t play nicey-nice with her, so when the merge came she flipped and he was targeted. No redemption for you!
Keith Nale from Season 29 San Juan Del Sur - I like Keith as a person, but I don’t need to see any more of his game.
Joe Anglim, Mike Holloway, Max Dawson from Season 30 Worlds Apart - I’m really not ready to see any of these people again. Not third-rate golden-boy Joe, not Merica Mike and certainly not “I’ll take Kramer’s hairstyle and wear it as a beard” Max. Ew!

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