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By the BOP Survivor Experts

May 18, 2015

And that's the way they became The Probst-y Bunch.

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1) Kelly Wiglesworth - Season 1: Borneo - Kelly was an uninteresting contestant who happened to make it to the final Tribal Council in the first season, and the first person to lose out to a more devious, underhanded player who understood the game. I suppose we have to respect Survivor history and give her another chance.

2) Teresa "T-Bird" Cooper - Season 3: Africa - I don’t remember Teresa, but her biggest moment was secretly voting for Lex, sending him on a paranoid rampage in which he threatened to rip off the backstabber’s head and spit down their neck. Or something. Really, I’d have liked to see Lex back, but I suppose I’ll take someone who made him that mad.

3) Monica Padilla - Season 19: Samoa - I barely remember Monica from her season, but she was a scrambler and even though she was strategically out-matched, she did at least try to vote out Russell. Good enough.

4) Stephanie Valencia - Season 22: Redemption Island - Stephanie is one of those women who describes herself as “feisty” In the Rob vs Russell season, she was the one who really wanted to ally with Russell Hantz and learn from his wisdom. Hopefully she’s less impressionable now. But if she isn’t, the crazy should be fun to watch.

5) Mikayla Wingo - Season 23: South Pacific - She was the one whose body drove Brandon Hantz crazy with lust. That temptress! Nowadays she’s a pro-body builder. I didn’t see her season, but if it angers Brandon Hantz, that’s good enough for me.


6) Sabrina Thompson - Season 24: One World - Sabrina was basically Kim Spradlin’s lieutenant that season. I wasn’t going to vote for her but I was won over by a comment from Probst – “what if someone toiled away for a master of the game? What did they learn and will they be able to apply it?” So it came down to Sabrina and Natalie Tenerelli.

7) Abi-Maria Gomes - Season 25: Philippines - Of the women, Abi-Maria is my top choice. She was awesome. She was so selfish that she sat out of every challenge (though I think it was later revealed that she tore her ACL or something), and she went from having RC as her closest ally to being her nemesis in about 30 seconds. We need crazy players like Abi-Maria.

8) Ciera Eastin - Season 27: Blood vs Water - Ciera gets a rare “Hell yeah!” from me. Ciera voted for her own mother! That’s cold. So obviously we need some Ciera this season.

9) Tasha Fox - Season 28: Cagayan - Tasha won three immunity idols in a row, which is no easy thing for a woman to do. She’s in.

10) Kass McQuillen - Season 28: Cagayan - Apparently Kass has a sarcastic personality. She’s in!

Didn't Get Votes

Kimmi Kappenberg from Season 2 Australian Outback - Kimmi was the recipient of the “I will shake my finger in your face” incident. Otherwise I don’t remember her. Pass.
Peih Gee Law from Season 15 China - I can’t remember anything about her game.
Natalie Tennerelli from Season 22 Redemption Island - I don’t really need to see any of Rob’s disciples back in the game, or any members of Stealth R Us (codename Sunshine, one of the Three Degrees). If Grant Mattos had been available, it would have been a different story.
Kelley Wentworth from Season 29 San Juan Del Sur - I wrote the Power rankings for this season and still had to look her up. No.
Carolyn "Mama C" Rivera and Shirin Oskooi from Season 30 Worlds Apart - Weren’t you listening before? I’m really not ready to see any of these people again.

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