Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 5

We Found Our Zombies

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 29, 2014

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

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Hello, good people, and welcome to fight night here on Survivor: Cagayan! All signs are pointing to an amazing showdown between Solana's dread-locked tattoo queen Lindsay and tough as nails yoga master Trish. These two have been on a collision course since day one and after Trish organized tribe favorite Cliff Robinson's ouster last week, this feud seems to be coming to a head.

I get ahead of myself, though. To catch up from last week: Beauty, Brains and Brawn are no more as the three tribes dissolved into two equal tribes of seven. The chief beneficiaries of this split were the former Brains tribe as their decimated ranks were lucky enough to stick together giving them a near-majority on the new Aparri tribe. With former Beauty members Jeremiah, Alexis and Morgan falling all over themselves to get in good with the Brains, Spencer, Tasha and Kass seem to be in the drivers' seat right now and have been given new life in this game. Over at the new Solana tribe, LJ and Jefra found themselves on the wrong side of the numbers against five former Brawn members. The problem is that the Brawn alliance of Cliff, Woo and Lindsay kinda forgot how important it is to have the bottom of their alliance not feel like the bottom of the alliance. All it took was one look at LJ's sweet abs and Trish flipped to the Beauty side. Tony had been chomping at the bit to dump Uncle Cliffie from the get-go, so when he was presented with the numbers to pull it off, he jumped at the chance. The end result was that Cliff was sent home, leaving Woo and Lindsay in a bad place. Oh yeah, and the new power alliance in the Solana tribe has two hidden idols between them.


With all of that in mind, the previews suggest that Lindsay reaches the breaking point and it would seem that all of her fury is getting ready to be unleashed on the person she feels is responsible - Trish. With the suggestion from J'Tia that things would be crazier than her rice dump and Jeff Probst suggesting that this week will be a Survivor first, I'm very concerned that things may turn physical. I hope I'm wrong on that one, because no one really wants to see that. But after 28 seasons, coming up with a "Survivor First" is pretty hard to do, you know? Ok, enough of my blathering...let's get to tonight's episode.

As expected, we begin the show at the Solana camp as they return from Tribal Council. And Trish wastes no time getting to work. She wants to explain something to the tribe, though I'm not sure exactly what that could be. The Tribal was pretty self-explanatory. Lindsay really doesn't want to hear her. Her game was totally screwed with the Cliff vote and the last thing she wants to see is someone gloating in the end zone. But that doesn't stop Trish. She "makes things clear" for Lindsay by telling her she has no alliances and that she doesn't like her. Lindsay then makes it clear that she doesn't like Trish. Not one little bit. Lindsay finally asks Trish to just leave her alone and not talk to her for a while. But of course, that's not gonna happen. As any bully can see, Trish has Lindsay on the ropes so now is the time to go in for the kill.

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