Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 5

We Found Our Zombies

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 29, 2014

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

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Trish starts putting words in Lindsay's mouth as she says, "So you're saying you're not part of the team."

"No, I'm saying I'm not part of YOUR team," Lindsay replies.

Tony finally comes in and tried to break it up saying that everyone knows how they feel so they need to make the best of it. Again, that doesn't stop Trish. Next she tells Lindsay how sorry she is that Cliff is gone - just rubbing more salt into that wound. Seriously, even Richard Sherman is out there somewhere thinking that Trish needs to show some class. Isn't it enough that you won the battle? You got rid of Cliff. The vote went your way and you have the upper hand now. Isn't that enough? Do you need to come back and rub the losers' faces in it? As a 50-year-old woman, you'd think she'd be able to muster some class, hand the ball to the ref and get back in the huddle. But that just isn't how she is. She wants to stand over the grave and laugh.


Lindsay tells us in confessional that she has to get away. She's not sure what she's going to do, but she cannot be around Trish. Lindsay won't put up being talked to like that and she has some figuring out to do. At camp, Tony mentions to everyone that he's worried about Lindsay because she just disappeared and it's getting late and cold. Trish, ever the diplomat, chimes in that she's just not used to being called out like that. Somewhere on the island, we get our first Probst sighting of the night. He comes to Lindsay to find out what's going on. Lindsay tells him that she cannot have someone antagonizing her as Trish has been. She's worried she'll "flip out on her." She would rather lose the million dollars than have her daughter see her the way she's close to getting. She tells him she cannot take it anymore and she has to go. Jeff tells her that it's a first to have someone quit because they're worried about what they might do. (Okay, technically, I guess so...but that's a weak "Survivor first", Jeff. This is nothing more than a quit.) So, Jeff gives her the option to come back to camp to tell the tribe and she turns it down. She wants out now

Okay, if I may (and it's my column, so I most definitely may), I have to stop the recap for a minute and throw in an editorial. First off, a quit is a quit is a quit. I have no tolerance for a quitter in Survivor. I think it's the coward's way out and it really pisses me off. People have been trying for 14 years to get on this show and never even get an interview. People have sent in over 20 tapes of themselves trying desperately to get on this show only to never be noticed. To be one of about 400 people to be given this opportunity and throw it away because someone said mean things to you...I cannot stand that and I cannot respect it. I have no words for how disappointed I am in Lindsay. To her credit, she acknowledges that she's cold, tired and hungry and that could be affecting her. But NOT to her credit, she still made a rash decision in the heat of the moment without taking time to even think about the consequences of her choice. And for that, I lose respect.

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