Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 5

We Found Our Zombies

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 29, 2014

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

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We come back from the commercials to the Aparri Tribe (and Tony and Woo) returning to camp. Tasha is devastated. She just left a camp that had nothing and it looks like her camp is getting ready to have nothing again. Tony and Woo go off to read their note. The note tells them they can take two of the following: the comfort items, the tarp and rope or the fishing kit. They decide on the comfort and the fishing kit. Also included in there is a hidden idol clue. After reading it a few times, they realize the clue is not for an idol at Aparri beach, but for the idol at Solana beach. I could be wrong, but it sounds like the clue to LJ's idol. So, good luck with your clue, guys. You'll be searching for an idol that has been gone for a lot of days.

In a crazy twist, Tony comes up with a really smart idea. I've busted his balls for playing too hard too fast and essentially compared him to a little mini-Hantz. But credit where credit is due, this is good. He decides they'll take this clue and give it to someone on the Aparri tribe. He wants to tell them that the second part of the note said they had to pick someone to give the clue to. He feels that Jeremiah is the strongest member of their tribe, so he wants to paint a giant target on his back by giving him an idol clue. Spur of the moment, that's a really good play...if they can make it believable.


They come back up to the camp to break the news to Aparri. Tony tells them they're taking the comfort and the fishing gear. He also says that they have a hidden idol clue (which is all rolled up and tied nice and neat as if never touched) and they had to choose one person to give it to. He says they choose Jeremiah. In another smart move, instead of just handing the clue to Jeremiah to do with as he sees fit, Tony sends Woo to get the stuff while he takes Jeremiah aside to give him the clue. If he just hands it over, Jeremiah could throw it in the fire and the plan would have been wasted. Right off the bat, Tasha is not happy with this. She sees it as sign that Tony and Woo might want to work with Jeremiah. So, the plan is working just the way Tony drew it up. Jeremiah reads the clue and tells us right away that it's the same exact clue he had over at the Beauty camp. So he knows that he just got screwed, but he also knows that there's no way his tribe will believe him and he could be the next to go because of it.

As they head out of camp, it dawns on Tony that he needs to get rid of that clue. If Jeremiah shows it to everyone, the plan will be blown as they'll all know it's not for their camp, so he runs back up to camp. We don't see anything that happens there because it's time to check in on Solana. I'm not sure who did it, though I have an idea... Someone has written "Shame on you, Lindsie" in real big letters in the sand.

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