Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 5

We Found Our Zombies

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 29, 2014

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

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All that being said, shame on Trish. Shame on her for feeling so awesome about herself and what she did that she needed to come back to camp and shove her victory in the face of one of the vanquished. Any athlete would tell you there's no place for that in sports. Any Survivor would tell you there's no place for that in the game. And any person would tell you there's no place for that in life. She came back to camp and hammered on a broken spirit mere moments after breaking it. Cliff's body wasn't even cold before Trish had to rub Lindsay's face in it. That is classic bully behavior and absolutely disgusts me. Preying on someone in a weakened state is actually worse than Lindsay's quitting. And the worst part of it is that now I'm stuck watching and listening to Trish for who knows how many more episodes. It was a despicable display from someone who, at 48-years-old, should frickin' well know better. Seriously, she needs to go. Like yesterday.

Okay, apologies, kids. But when I feel as strongly about something as I did this situation, I need to get it all out of my system. Where was I? Oh yeah, Jeff now has to go back to Solana and tell them that Lindsay has left the island. So Jeff comes into camp to give them the official word that Lindsay is out and just when I thought Trish had done enough, she tells Jeff that Lindsay got nasty in camp and she's not surprised that she quit, because she can't live without Cliff (*sigh*). Tony then tells us it was just as he expected. You cut off the head and the body follows. And he's excited that the body just took herself out of the game.


LJ and even Woo tell Jeff it's now like they can gel and get back to the game. In LJ's case, I get it. He was dead man walking last week and now he's in the driver's seat again. Woo, on the other hand, just lost his main man Cliff and his other alliance-mate, Lindsay. Maybe he's just trying to play up the fact that he's "one of them" to the rest of the tribe. He tells us that with his alliance gone, he is definitely worried that he's next. Um...duh!

Anyway, one more small editorial: Um, Trish and Tony? Dumbasses? You're applauding and excited that Cliff AND Lindsay are now gone. That's a huge win for you and you love gloating about it. Did either of you stop to think that you are now two people down to the other tribe? Did either of you think that you just depleted your Brawn tribe to the point that if Beauty gets together again, you're history? Did either of you stop to think that, at this point, this is still a team game and you just severely weakened your team? In any kind of physical challenge, what girl can possibly stand up to Tasha or Sarah now? You, Trish? Jefra? Not a chance. While nothing is decided, obviously, you majorly weakened your tribe today. And if Aparri were to go on an Immunity run, you're all toast. So, go ahead and celebrate. I can't wait for you to toast each other about how awesome you are while dining at Ponderosa.

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