Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 5

We Found Our Zombies

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 29, 2014

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

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We come back from the opening credits (yes, that's right...I typed 1,700+ words before the opening credits of this week's show) to another Probst Sighting! This one is more typical and is for the Reward Challenge. Aparri gets a look at the new Solana tribe and is absolutely giddy and what they see. Oddly enough, Solana also seems to be absolutely giddy. One of these tribes is right, the other is Solana. What's so funny right here is that everyone is laughing, especially Trish. The problem is that Trish doesn't realize what the joke is. Jeff asks Alexis why she's so happy. She's happy that her Beauty members are both still in the game. Spencer's happy because two people just left the other tribe and he didn't have to do anything. See, the Aparri tribe gets it. In a game that relies heavily on numbers, they were just given the gift of a two-person advantage.

Today's reward challenge is a simple one-on-one challenge. Each person will hold an idol on a little platform. It's real simple: knock the other person's idol to the ground before they get yours. First tribe to four wins and gets to send two people back to the other tribe's camp to raid the camp. Aparri has to sit two people out, they choose Alexis and Kass. Round One: Spencer vs. Woo. The brainy dude versus the black belt. Hmmm, wonder who'll win this one? After a couple minutes of sizing each other up, Spencer just heaves his idol in the air and lunges at Woo, knocking Woo's idol to the ground before his own lands. One point Aparri. Round Two is Tasha vs. Trish. After a few seconds, Tasha tries the same move but doesn't get her idol up high enough and it hits ground before Trish's does. We're tied at one.


Next round is Sarah vs. Jefra. And right here is where Lindsay would come in really handy. After only a couple seconds, Sarah just overtakes Jefra and wins the point for Aparri. Round Four is a heavyweight battle between Jeremiah and LJ. They size each other up for a minute and the Jeremiah quickly loses control of his idol. After an impressive juggling act, the idol finally hits the beach and we're tied again at two apiece. Round Five is Morgan vs. Tony. Before they even start, LJ warns Tony not to look in her eyes. (What the hell, man. Is she Medusa or something?) I have to admit though that I was thinking that all she'd have to do to win this is take her top off. Tony would be toast. She doesn't do that, however, and quickly loses, making Spencer the last hope for Aparri in a rematch with Woo.

I really thought Spencer would try the same strategy that won him Round One, but he doesn't. After a pretty long staring contest, Woo finally makes a move and knocks Spencer's idol to the ground. Solana wins reward. They choose Woo and Tony to go back to the Aparri camp. Jeff gives them a note to read after they get to Aparri's camp. Everyone heads back to camp and we'll take a break.

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