Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 5

We Found Our Zombies

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 29, 2014

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

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Naturally, the next clip we see is the three Brains talking this out. Tasha thinks they need to make this vote with the intention of planning for the merge. The others agree. Kass tells us that it's remarkable that the Brains are now in control of their tribe. But that's what happens when you have a tight voting block that will not waver. She says the Brains just needed a body and they found their zombies (ah...there's where the episode title comes from). Anyway, if Kass were even remotely personable, that might have been funny. As it is, it's one of those comments that make me cringe. The Survivor Gods are fickle bitches and their justice is swift and final. Start getting cocky (Tony, Kass) and they'll remind you who's really in charge here.

We get to Tribal and the first thing that happens is that Sarah has to grab a torch. Whoa, I totally forgot that 16 days into the game, Sarah has never been to Tribal Council. Jeff starts with Kass suggesting that from the outside, it looks like there are three Brains and three Beauties, with Sarah in the middle. Kass agrees with him. He asks Morgan if the Beauty tribe is tight. She says that she and Jeremiah had a rocky patch there for a bit. Jeremiah fesses up to lying to Morgan on the Brice vote and agrees that it's affected their relationship, but that he's backed away from her to give her some space. Back to Kass. Jeff asks her if this rift between Jeremiah and Morgan means anything to the Brains. She says that it definitely does and that while all the turmoil her tribe experienced brought her tribe together, the life the Beauty tribe experienced actually started to tear them apart. Jeff asks Spencer if he agrees with that assessment. He says that he does, but that most important right now is to fix those fractures and come together as a unified tribe. Okay, I am REALLY liking Spencer...but more on him later. Back to the Tribal action.


Jeff mentions that moving forward unified is huge, especially when you don't know what's going on with the other tribe. Sarah pipes up that listening to Tony talk about the Final Five and looking over and seeing no Sarah involved in that number, she now knows she needs to go ahead and be done with them and focus on her new tribe. Alexis says that it's good to hear, but she's still concerned about the reconnecting once the tribes merge. Alexis is WAY more concerned about someone flipping after the merge than she is about working on the relationships necessary to actually STOP someone from flipping.

Jeff asks Tasha who's in trouble tonight. She says that if Beauty is that fractured, they're the ones in trouble. Next up is Alexis talking about the tribe raid. She jumps right into Tony and Woo pulling Jeremiah aside to give him the "idol clue." Jeremiah says that they gave him a hidden clue and that it's put a huge target on his back. He says he saw right through that and he hopes the rest of the tribe trusts him. Jeff asks Alexis if tonight's vote is about trust. And if we weren't sure how easily manipulated Alexis is, her answer here should solidify it. She actually says that she's not sure that Jeremiah understands what the goal of the "clue" was. She says that he thinks it is a way to target him for a vote...which it most definitely 100% absolutely is. But SHE knows that it was a way to let him know they want to work with him. Which is most definitely 100% absolutely the complete wrong assessment of the situation. As Alexis speaks, Morgan interrupts by saying that she thinks either Jeremiah or Alexis could flip to the other tribe. In the background, Jeremiah shakes his head while Alexis just sits stone faced. Tasha says that this discussion is very telling and just when she thinks she knows who the flipper would be, the other one steps up and seems to be the one.

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