Survivor: Cagayan - Episode 5

We Found Our Zombies

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 29, 2014

You're gonna miss me when I'm gone.

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Tony and Woo come back to camp with their loot. The rest of the tribe is bummed that they didn't come back with rice. Like that's what the Brains need, to lose their rice...again! They are excited by all the comfort items and spices, though. Tony just can't WAIT to tell them about his trick on Jeremiah. Don't get me wrong, it was a good plan...but dude, act like you've been there before. So he lines it out and the tribe is pretty stoked to hear about the target on Jeremiah's back. Jefra tells us that Tony is going all out to win this thing and she's just glad he's on her side. After the Jeremiah story, Tony decides to come clean about being a cop. He tells them this to show he can be trusted. LJ summed it up best, "So to solidify that he is trustworthy, Tony exposed that he lied. Different." LJ tells us that he didn't peg Tony for being very smart, but he's showing him a little something now and he feels like he has to be on his toes where Tony is concerned. Jefra is just excited as she can be to have this sweet new tribal alliance of five. Tony is also very excited about this new tribe and he lets them all know that starting right now, he can be trusted by all of them. And with that kind of pitch, who could possibly question him. Am I right?

Back over at Aparri, the aftermath of clue-gate is taking shape. Alexis is very paranoid about Jeremiah having an idol clue. She feels Jeremiah is untrustworthy, so she's very worried. She goes to Spencer and tells him of her concern. Spencer tells us that her speech sounded rehearsed and that Alexis is smarter than she lets on. To him, he feels this makes her questionable. He thinks she should own how smart she is and since she doesn't, he feels like she's trying to play him. The next scene we see is Jeremiah talking with Spencer and Alexis. Jeremiah does his best here to deflect this clue thing by actually using logic and a little something we like to call "the truth." He asks them why they would get an idol clue after losing a challenge. He says it makes no sense and he's right.

Alexis isn't buying it. She asks him whether or not the clue was an idol clue. He tells her that it's the exact same clue they got at the Beauty camp and that's it not for them. He tells us that Tony called him out, gave him a clue, took it back and left a big mess for him. Alexis is still not buying it. Hey Spence...maybe she's not as smart as you think. What do you think? Aw, hell, he doesn't buy it either. He says it was rolled and wrapped and looked like a new clue. He has now jumped on the anti-Jeremiah bandwagon. Egads, man...look at it logically. You're the genius, what sense DOES it make to give the losing team a clue? Trust me, the Survivor people aren't smart enough to have foreseen this type of scenario. They would not have planned this.

Uh oh...we come back from break to a Probst Sighting! The setup of this challenge is huge, like a massive obstacle course. Jeff tells us today's challenge involves building a staircase. They'll go through a bamboo maze, go down a slide, and work a rope maze to get a machete. The machete will release some puzzle pieces. Once solved, the puzzle will give them three numbers to unlock a lock to release the tribe flag. Good lord, this is huge. Aparri is sitting out Morgan and Tasha. And we're off...


The rain-soaked course is claiming victims right and left. With people sinking in the mud, LJ goes down hard. Aparri gets their staircase built first and Solana is falling behind. Solana catches up on the maze and Woo actually gets through it before Sarah. The teams are neck and neck at this point. Tony and Jeremiah work the rope maze to get the key to unlock the machete. Jeremiah is first to get the machete, but Tony isn't far behind. Sarah and Spencer begin work on the big puzzle while Tony slows down Solana a lot. Woo and LJ finally get to start working on the puzzle for Solana while puzzle beast Sarah gets to work for Aparri. On the second number of the puzzle, Solana goes a different direction than Aparri and it turns out they were right and Sarah was wrong and Solana wins immunity! Aparri to Tribal Council tonight. This really shouldn't come as a surprise with as much time as was spent with Jeremiah and the fake clue. You had to know Aparri was in trouble. Also, as the challenge ends, Tony is all about how his tribe will be the final five. That comes as a surprise to his Cops R Us alliance mate, Sarah. Apparently, she's not included in Tony's final five, so it might be time for her to move on to another alliance.

We come back from break to an exciting game of "It's anyone but Jeremiah." As Aparri comes back to camp, Alexis is totally bummed about having to go to Tribal. The first topic of conversation was Tony mouthing off about Final Five and all that nonsense - especially when, even after this vote, the other tribe still has numbers. Alexis, proving why she wasn't on the Brains tribe, deduces that Tony must think he has Jeremiah as his sixth and that's why he's so confident. It has nothing to do with Tony desperately needing to get over himself and thinking he's the master manipulator running the entire game. Nope. It's all 'cause Jeremiah's gonna flip (*eyeroll*).

So, off goes Alexis to start rounding up support to dump Jeremiah. Down at the water, she tries to convince everyone that Jeremiah will flip on the tribe. Sarah is all about it...but bottom line, as long as it's not Sarah, she'd go with anything at this point. Morgan is suspiciously quiet through the whole thing, leading me to believe she's not necessarily on board. The Brains, well...they have some thinking to do. Spencer hasn't really trusted Alexis since the tribal switch. He tells us that the Brains can go either way. He's trying to figure out whether Jeremiah or Alexis are the bigger liability. He says they'll agree with Alexis' plan to vote Jeremiah as the best option for them. Then the Brains will convene and determine what is REALLY the best option for them.

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