Survivor: Cagayan Episode 1 - Part 2

Hot Girl With a Grudge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 1, 2014

Poker players everywhere are embarrassed by you.

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Hello, good people, and thanks for joining me as I finish up telling you all about the premiere episode of Survivor: Cagayan. When I left you, Marlins President David Samson had just been voted out and Kass was on the outside looking in on the Brains tribe. Over at Beauty, Brice has struck up an alliance with Morgan AND they have fire. And at Brawn, they're pretty much just kicking ass.

The second half of the show begins on Day 4 at the Brains camp. Garrett tells us that he was glad that David went home last night. He also talks about how he's not having fun on Survivor at all. He doesn't enjoy the outdoors and the surviving part. I blame producers for not explaining to him that Survivor is an outdoorsy kinda game. Garrett and Spencer are setting it up to vote out Kass next, as she's on an island right now. Flip to Garrett talking to Kass about how he wants to play the game with her and Spencer. They try to sell an alliance to her and she realizes right away that she's a swing vote between the guys and the other girls. She's concerned, though, that joining either side makes her she's not keen on joining any alliance. She seems to have the Sandra strategy of "as long as it's not me."


We come back from break to the Brawn tribe as Cliff and Woo (Hang Dai, Woo! Hang Dai!) are headed out to sea in their boat. Huh?? The tribe has a boat? Cliff tells us that Woo is his wing man, and then compares him to Robin and Scottie Pippen. Good thing Woo didn't hear that...I mean, who wants to be Pippen, am I right? After a little while on the water and working out how to maneuver the boat, they get to leaning just a little too far and the entire boat tips over dumping both guys into the water. A good laugh is had by all. As Cliff and Tony dump water out of the boat, Sarah tells us that everyone loves them some Cliff. Tony tells us that Lindsay, Sarah and Woo all love Cliff. So he's a little concerned about that, as he should be.

Checking in with Beauty, the scene is hilarious. The entire tribe is standing around watching LJ machete a coconut. Not on a rock or anything like most people would do it, but he's chopping at this thing in his hands. Add to it that he is stripped down to his underwear AND wearing work boots and it's just a hilarious screen cap to see. Brice starts to break it down for us as he's carefully watching everyone. He says that Alexis is trying to play the flirt card. She's doing nothing but trying to woo people with her looks. He's not sure what to think of Jefra. They mix in an awesome scene of Jefra asking everyone about their bathroom usage (or lack thereof) since they've been there. Brice tells us that all of her crayons in the box are not bright.

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