Survivor: Cagayan Episode 1 - Part 2

Hot Girl With a Grudge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 1, 2014

Poker players everywhere are embarrassed by you.

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Jeremiah and Morgan seem to have struck a friendship. Morgan is quick to let us know that she only sees him as a friend but that she could probably reel him in at any time. We see a scene of Morgan talking about where she lives (Silicon Valley) and that the "nerd tribe" would love where she lives. Um, sweetie...not everyone who's smart is a nerd. At least one of those nerds, like you, was an NFL cheerleader. In this episode I've already gone back and forth on Morgan...but I think my initial impression was correct. She's a mean girl. I'm sure this will play itself out at some point.

Brice can see that Jeremiah is stricken with Morgan. He wants to play wingman and set it up so Jeremiah can be closer to Morgan by pulling him into their mini-alliance. He strikes up a conversation with Jeremiah and Morgan suggesting they need to be the brains of this tribe...and thus a new three-person alliance is born. Brice goes on to tell us that the rest of the tribe might have looked at him thinking he'd be the fourth girl on the tribe, but he is there to play the game. And thus far, I think he's looking pretty good. We'll really see how he's doing when/if they lose an immunity challenge.


Over at Brawn, trouble is a-brewing. Trish calls out Lindsay for not helping out around camp. We've seen very little of what Lindsay does around camp, but we do see Trish giving her the business about doing nothing. Lindsay lets us know that she hates her some Trish and how dare she and all that. Meanwhile, Tony sees this as an opportunity to reach out to Trish. He lets her know that he sees what she sees and they might be alone out there, so they need to get together. He tells us that he appreciates Trish's work ethic and that she's out there busting her butt every day. He tells Trish she needs to be strong and not let the other people get into her head. He then tells her he's working on something, which he'll fill her in on when it's finished. He tells us he's creating a spy shack (#spyshack #really? #wtf? #theyllneverfigurethatout) so that he can listen in on conversations inside the shelter. His main target is Cliff and then he starts talking about killing lions and the Cubs (#theyrealreadydead).

And with that, it's time for another Probst sighting!! Today's immunity challenge is a good one. Each tribe will have to swim out to a big bamboo box. Once the entire tribe is at the box, they'll need to scale the side and jump inside. Under the water are a handful of fish traps with, you guessed it, puzzle pieces. Before they can get out of the box, they'll have to untie a series of ropes to open the gate. Once open, they'll lug these traps, which aren't light, out of the cage and up to the beach. Once they reach the beach, one person from the tribe will put together the puzzle. First tribe to finish wins immunity and a fully stocked fishing kit. Second place tribe wins immunity and a very simple small fishing kit. Third tribe, a date with Jeff at Tribal Council. Brawn and Beauty, you need to sit someone out. Brice will sit for Beauty and Cliff for Brawn. Survivors ready? Go!

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