Survivor: Cagayan Episode 1 - Part 2

Hot Girl With a Grudge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 1, 2014

Poker players everywhere are embarrassed by you.

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And they're off. Beauty and Brawn are both out of the gate quickly; Brains has fallen behind. J'Tia is apparently not a very strong swimmer and almost immediately, she has Brains falling out of this challenge. Brawn is first inside the cage, followed by Beauty and then finally Brains. And then all of a sudden, something crazy happens. Brains catch up. They are actually the first tribe to open their gate and start back to the beach. Garrett proves to be an absolute beast on this leg of the challenge. The Brain tribe gets back to the beach WAY before anyone else. Brawn is making progress and Beauty is completely out of it. J'Tia begins working on the puzzle for Brains and Sarah begins the puzzle for Brawn. In typical Brawn fashion, Sarah's hand is cut and bleeding all over the puzzle. Tony cut his foot real bad and is bleeding all over the planks. Despite being a little behind, Sarah quickly overtakes J'Tia and is in the lead at this point. There's not much drama here as Sarah just kills this puzzle and Brawn wins immunity and a huge fishing kit.

Beauty finally finds their way to the beach after J'Tia has had forever to figure this puzzle out. She only has one piece in at this point. LJ takes on the puzzle for Beauty and quickly overtakes J'Tia. When all is said and done, despite an almost insurmountable lead over BOTH tribes, J'Tia manages to allow both of them to catch up to her, pass her and win immunity while she managed to place a whopping two pieces in her puzzle. So let's see...she's bossy, built a horrible shelter, has alienated almost everyone on her tribe and just lost an un-losable challenge. That means...


It's time to play "It's anyone but J'Tia!! But first, we have to check in with the Brawn tribe. They're totally pumped to have won this challenge. Sarah is queen for the day as she dominated that puzzle. She tells us that she and Tony cut the crap out of themselves, but they're okay. Tony tells us that he was sure there would be some kind of idol clue in the fishing basket. And sure enough, right inside a wooden tackle box is a clue to the idol. Lucky for him, he finds it without anyone else seeing it. The clue may as well have included the idol; it was that specific. As he sprints off to the pond behind camp, Tony feels pretty sure he knows exactly where the idol is. Mere moments later, he comes up with a nice hidden immunity idol. He tells us how much he needed this idol, does some celebrating, makes some NSFW noises and tells us that he plans to tell no one that he has the idol. THAT explains why we're seeing Brawn when Brains is the tribe that lost, doesn't it?'s time to play "It's anyone but J'Tia"!! Over at the Brains tribe, Garrett tells us that since J'Tia blew the challenge, she is really the only option for the vote. What happens next is definitely not something you'll find in the Boston Rob Rulebook. Garrett decides to have an open forum discussion about who to vote out. Garrett's plan here is to save his idol by airing everything in a group. Kass starts by saying that J'Tia essentially lost the challenge in every facet. Spencer says that it's important to keep the tribe strong and start winning. Garrett's contribution is "Yeah" and the Tasha says that she'd prefer to talk to people not in a group setting as she doesn't feel that everyone is being candid. Garrett once again says he'd rather just talk about in a group and avoid all the side conversations. So let me get this straight. He doesn't like the outdoors part. He doesn't like the surviving part. And he doesn't like the strategy part. Exactly why in the hell is he on my TV screen right now? There are thousands of people who apply for this show every single season and would die to get on it...and I'm stuck watching this idiot who not only doesn't know how to play the game, doesn't even WANT to play the game? Seriously dude...head back to the card table, 'cause you're wasting my time and keystrokes.

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