Survivor: Cagayan Episode 1 - Part 2

Hot Girl With a Grudge

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 1, 2014

Poker players everywhere are embarrassed by you.

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And we're off to Tribal Council. Jeff starts with Spencer. He tells him how they decided to have the open forum, which you don't normally do in Survivor. Tasha tells Jeff that they were candid about J'Tia being the reason for the challenge loss. She also tells Jeff that she wanted to have some side conversations, but Garrett wouldn't allow it. Jeff asks him what the strategy behind this was. He says that he wanted to show Kass that they were going to work with her. Basically prove themselves to her. J'Tia jumps in to say that she wanted to get back at Garrett, so she poured the rice on the fire. Yep, all of it. "It wasn't my best moment." You don't say!

Tasha chimes in that this is exactly why she wanted to have the side conversations. She knew J'Tia was volatile. Jeff explains to them that blindsides work for a reason. He needs to explain to Garrett that he's supposed to dig up. Because right now, he's not doing that. Kass lies to Jeff, saying that the girls were washing their feet and Garrett left J'Tia alone to watch them wash feet. Let's call it what it was. You were strategizing, Kass. You were strategizing AGAINST Garrett. He may be an idiot, but he knew what you were doing down there. She goes on to suggest that they lost 98% of their food so Garrett could watch them wash their feet. And just like that, it's now Garrett's fault the food is gone, not the out of control bitch who through it in the fire. Are you kidding me?!?


And to make matters worse, Garrett keeps talking. Somewhere in there he mentions his alliance... er... tribe. He points out that Tasha is not part of the alliance and then tries to cover his ass and tell Tasha she's back in the alliance. He completely turns Kass against him and he makes Spencer embarrassed to be in an alliance with him. Basically every word out of his mouth makes it a little worse and a little worse. I'm actually starting to think that when this show is over, J'Tia will have wasted a day building a crappy shelter, bossed everyone all over camp, had the worst challenge meltdown in the history of Survivor and thrown her tribes entire food supply in the fire...and SHE MIGHT STICK AROUND! What the hell kind of bizarro season of Survivor am I watching here???

I guess it's time to vote. We see Garrett's vote for J'Tia. We see J'Tia's vote for Garrett. Spencer's vote for J'Tia comes along with this gem, "The fact that you're a nuclear engineer is genuinely, genuinely scary." Jeff goes to tally the votes, but I think we already know what's gonna happen. It essentially comes down to Kass' vote and she voted for Garrett. Garrett just blew the unblowable Tribal Council...all while having a hidden immunity idol! (#blindside, #worsttribeever, #deservewhatevertheyget).

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