Survivor: South Pacific


By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

October 10, 2011

Cast Away II: Total Rejection

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: South Pacific. We're three episodes into the new season and I have to say I'm really liking it a lot. Of course, that could be because of my sweet new drinking game!

Previously on Survivor: Brandon continued his descent into absolute insanity, Coach is large and in charge in his tribe, Ozzy can't keep a secret and told Keith about his idol and Johnny Cochs made it to his third life as the Savaii tribe decided Papa Bear was the weakest link and sent him packing to Redemption Island.

Previews for tonight suggest Johnny is planning to make a move...on Ozzy! While I like having Ozzy in the game, I would really enjoy seeing him sent home with an idol in his pocket...again. And oh yeah, Brandon is apparently gonna get crazier. I mean, what's left really? Dude is pretty much certifiable, so we need to keep beating that dead horse? What's that? He's a Hantz? that case, I guess we DO have to beat that horse a few more times.

Before we get to any of that, though, it's time to update the Power Rankings. Considering how the last episode went, there's really not much of a change in the rankings. No one really screwed up and no one really took a big step either.

Coach - 5-1. I'm switching Coach and Ozzy this week. Mainly because I really think Coach has positioned himself VERY well within his tribe. Brandon's insanity has caused a lot of unrest in the tribe and everyone seems to be going to Coach. His biggest test will be whether or not he can corral Brandon and keep him in the alliance. Or, just cut him loose when he realizes that Brandon can't be corralled.


Ozzy - 8-1. Ozzy's still in a good position within his tribe. But he told others about the idol. And Keith also went and told about it. This just has the makings of Ozzy getting blindsided again. I think this week's previews are probably misleading, but I can still see it coming. For his sake, I hope Ozzy can see it coming as well.

Keith/Jim/Albert/Rick/Sophia - 12-1. While a couple of these people may separate themselves from the pack this week (I'm looking at you Keith and Jim), they still haven't done a whole lot to warrant a separate entry on the rankings.

Whitney/Elise/Mikayla/Edna - 15-1. If not for being the object of Brandon's desires and having a sweet tree mail hat...this group would be the "who?" group of Survivor: South Pacific. This, of course, pretty much guarantees that at least one of these people will be in the finals.

Dawn/Stacey - 30-1. Dawn has really stepped up in challenges and as long as Johnny Cochs is around, she has at least one more vote before she'll be in any danger. Stacey is still on the outside looking in, but the continued deterioration of Brandon's sanity tells me the spotlight won't find her for a couple votes.

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